Wednesday 10 August 2016

Wow Period with The Violet Box

Hey guys, what's happening? Hope y'all are excited for all the holidays that are coming up this month. Its gonna be a fun time! Well, it wasn't so much for me till now, since I just returned in town after giving my civils exam day before, (Yeah okay, don't be shocked, I'm half dead already.) But please wish me luck!

Anyways, coming back to today's post for my pretty girls once again, its about a period box subscription brand called, THE VIOLET BOX. A few weeks ago I shared with you a similar post about another brand selling the similar type of boxes and you all loved it. I also received a lot of messages telling me that the post appeared really useful for a lot of you too, so I thought of sharing this one now so that you all have choices. Violet Box, as I mentioned is a subscription box, that contains some cool period essentials for girls, that can help them pass through their cramps in a lighter mode. You can get the box from their website ( very easily. 

PS : Its a very new startup but has made its name wide! Check out all the details of this month's box and subscription links below.

Some of us already know that each woman spends over 1500 days of her life having periods, and it's not an easy task for us ladies to experience the whole process every single month, especially with the PMSing factor that's included! Violet Box has thus come to our rescue with a very thoughtful idea of supplying WOW BOX 1.7 to us with affordable period essentials at Rs. 899+ to help us pamper ourselves during our monthly menstruation cycle! 

I recently received my set of goodies in the Violet Box that include the following :

Food & Lifestyle Products - Its quite known a fact that women deal with random cravings during their periods, and it becomes difficult to sustain it especially when people around you cannot understand the sudden boomed up mood swings! That's when Violet Box helps you open your box of goodies and enjoy the gourmet chocolates, fine teas and refresh your mood with aromatic incense. This set includes

1. Yogi Tea from Exalte

2. Sandalwood Incense from Organic Incense

3. Yellow Roast Coffee from Blackbazza

4. Lemongrass & Green Tea from Typhoo

5. Power Chocolate Bar from Yoga Bar

6. Gourmet Chocolates from Ferrero Rocher

Beauty and Skincare Products - Every woman needs to maintain hygiene not just during the periods but throughout. During menstruation, it becomes a little more important to take care your skin and hence, Violet Box sends you the most amazing beauty and skincare products to use and experience bliss! This set includes : 

1. Hand Sanitizer from Tempo

2. Apricot Face Scrub from Just Herbs

3. Hazenut Body Lotion from Nature's Co.

4. Petal Soft Facepack from Just Herbs

5. Lemongrass Foot Spray from Nature's Co.

6. Coffee Face Scrub from Nature's Co.

7. Sanitary Napkins from Whisper & Carefree 
(different sizes depending upon your blood flow)

I personally tried each and every product from this box and hence it took me a little while to publish this review for you all, since I wanted to make sure that I do not send out a false word about any product or brand that sends me stuff to write about. I highly recommend Violet Box to all the girls reading this post, and if you care about your friends, please do refer it ahead! Its very easy subscribe to your monthly box, all you have to do is to choose from the variants available for the number of months you want to pay for, select a date, and pay! You can get your box customized too (just call on : +91 91680 57862).

NOTE : The producers of the Violet Box have initiated a social cause for women who cannot afford basic period essentials. So, for every single box that you subscribe to on the Violet website, they donate a a handful of essentials to those in need through Swadhar and WRH. I totally support this cause and would like you to contribute towards a healthier and happier world for women around us! #PositiveVibesOnly

PS : I'm giving away this period box to one lucky girl. To participate, CLICK HERE.



  1. Loved this post as it highlights the problems that we girls face during our periods. Violet box seems to be curing our period problems :) . A wonderful post about the products from the Violet box. Amongst all the products mentioned above I would really like to use 'Yellow Roast Coffee' from 'Blackbazza'. I crave coffee during my period and a good coffee delights me so much that I forget my cramps.I also have a place for coffee in my heart and would not leave a chance to try a new variety. ;)

  2. Good box ...
    specially the first box in which u hav below products
    1. Yogi Tea from Exalte

    2. Sandalwood Incense from Organic Incense

    3. Yellow Roast Coffee from Blackbazza

    4. Lemongrass & Green Tea from Typhoo
    would love to use

  3. Both the products are amazing and as chocolate lover I would love the gourmet chocolate from box no.1 😚😚😚

  4. Power Chocolate Bar from Yoga Bar @hema2218

  5. Hi Subhi,Thank you for having so much concern on us and providing a detailed review on this subscription box. I simply love the concept of Violet Box. Kudos to them.A much needed companion on our bad periods days. I crave for sweets n coffee during those days. would love to pacify myself with the Yellow Roast coffee & Power Bar from Box1. Would surely share the details of this box to friends and family.

  6. Wohooo�������� the best product is out, all thanks to The Violet Box. Who doesnt love to have a Happy Period with this exciting box with all the amazing stuffs in it which fixes every girl period hack. And chocolates do turn all mood swings into happy ones and hence the gourmet chocolate is my fav of all since any bad mood chocolates never disappoints ❤️ And from now on with the help of this box i would crave to have periods every monthπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

  7. This is an amazing box!��
    Perfectly curated to get through those cramps and PMS problems.I really love all the stuff inside this box but I would choose Power Chocolate Bar from Yoga Bar cause' it would really help to tackle those mood swings and c'mon! #StressReliever��
    Would love to get my hands on it.
    Insta handle : @mansi_6

  8. Wonderful concept by Violet.
    Loved the assortment of products that they've put together
    I would love to use the Hazenut Body Lotion from Nature's Co. as it would be soothing during tough times....and anything that soothes is welcome much like the Violet Box

  9. I firstly loved your blog & the impartial reviews that you write that are accompanied by great pics.
    I feel so thankful to just be pat of your PickeratPace community !
    I'm so excited to participate in this !!!
    Violet has a great concept on hand & I'd love to subscribe to it after reading your review.
    I suffer from PCOS & this leads to swollen feet & massive mood swings.If I had to choose a products from this thoughtful box it would be Petal Soft Facepack from Just Herbs as this would make me feel at ease during this trying time. I would also choose the Lemongrass Foot Spray from Nature's Co. as it would help ease my swollen feet.

  10. Lovely boz full of nature.. I love beauty products so loved the chocolate scrub and body lotion most. Love to win it

  11. Hi Shubhi! Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and useful review. :)

    Menstruation can be grueling and we, as women, deserve to be pampered even more during that time of the month. So, Violet Box is a great concept ! *thumbs up*

    I suffer from hypothyroid and experience severe cramps during that time of the month so I love me a cup of warm green tea which is very soothing as it helps in relieving cramps and regulate the blood flow. I believe lemongrass and green tea from Typhoo would be a good addition to my pantry. :D Also, menstruation comes along w/ awful mood swings so I would not mind one of my favourite gourmet chocolates from Ferrero Rocher. :) Thanks !! :D

  12. Must say girl u are doing amazing job with this "The Violet Box" CONTEST

    I love
    1 "Coffee Face Scrub from Nature's Co"

    2-Power Chocolate Bar from Yoga Bar

    Both can help slot to survive day
    As I lost most of energy n mind ..


    IG-- @Im_Navneet

  13. Yoga bars and nature's co ❤ insta handle _24karat_

  14. Hey Shubhi ☺️ it's nice to see that you actually use each and every product before publishing your review ✌��️ I haven't tried few products from this box, but I'm really excited to try the Hazelnut Body Lotion from Nature's Co. because I love anything that has Hazelnut ❤️ I Love Ferrero Rocher because that too has Hazelnut �� I've Followed All The Rules and I Really Hope This Time You See The Efforts and Please Don't Choose Someone Randomly ��

  15. Its hard to choose one as all products are awesome. I would love to try The Nature's Co Hazelnut body lotion as the name itself sounds yummy. Among food products I would like to try the Yellow Roast Coffee from Blackbazza.

  16. Really thanks for the amazing giveaway..... I totally love all the products πŸ™ˆ from this box... I've never. Seen any giveaway related to our period problem and that will understand our mood at that time make us feel relax πŸ˜„..... Really thanks one again for this cute and so unique giveaway concept.....
    My instagram handle - @tiaara23

  17. OMG!! My periods r ON and m feasting on chocolate biscuits chocolate sticks. I would love the second box as I personally feels that sanitizer is must. But I too love chocolates. It stabilize my mood��.Instagram handle : tanukapoor7289

  18. Would lyk to have that yoga bar

  19. Shubhi it's amazing. I m totally new to period subscription would love to try what all they have chosen to put in the happiest things for my loomy pms.

    Instagram :jewantha_parul

  20. This is a lovely idea πŸ’‘.. For girls periods are painful, specially for me.. this can instantly light my mood up.. I'd like to try the skin care products as my skin is blemish prone during periods.. Instagram name @a_girl_wit_no_name

  21. Hello. Nice review of the box. I really really hate periods �� I don't want it but for this box I will manage to have that worst time ��. Really very helpful review. Actually I like almost everything plus whisper is what I use so it Another reason to have this box. And chocolates ��..
    I came to know about it just now. Please consider my efforts.

    Fav product
    1.Lemongrass & Green Tea from Typhoo
    2.petal soft face pack
    3. Coffee scrub ��

    Instagram @bornwidglitter

  22. Thanku for the chance to win Awesome goodies...!!! I m in love with this is helpful in refresh our moods with aromatic has cool period essentials for girls... I love it soo much...nd I loved ur reviews..
    I like the power chocolate bar from yoga bar..nd hazelnut body lotion from Nature's co. I would love to try these products..bcoz I never tried them before...I sooooo wanna win this giveaway.... Bcoz this is my birthday month.. love u lots..����
    My Instagram Id :- @diyasharma190