Wednesday 2 December 2015

What's in my Winter Bag?

Hello ladies! How are you? All good I hope!

So, its finally December; the cold winds have started to blow and the thunder storms are here too! BTW, that also indicates that 2015 IS GETTING OVER IN A FEW DAYS. Whattttt???!! Don't you think this year has flown away like a snap? 29 days to go; not letting that sink in at all! PS : I'll talk about how this year has been for me, in the last post for this year (just in case you wanted to know...teehee).

Well, today I've got you something I'd promised about 6 months back in the summers! Yes, my winter edition of "what's in my bag". (In case you missed out reading my summer edition, please click HERE) And thanks to all those who kept on reminding me about this post every month, hugs to you all! So, shall we get started without any further chaos (well, all's that coming up :P).....

Was talking of this chaos! The bag is from
Its such a huge bag that almost my entire world fits in it! No, seriously!

Muffler - To cover my head, neck and ears from the wind while driving my two wheeler, especially! This one I got from Sarojini Market (Delhi). I had choices with 6 colors but as you know how bad I am to choose amongst colorful stuff, so I got all and keep changing it according to my attires!

Gloves - In the summers I wear gloves to avoid direct sun on my skin, in the winters I hate wearing these because it doesn't let the sun touch my skin! Still, gotta wear it to keep my hands warm and not let them freeze while driving because hey, who likes to get bumped into the vehicle in front because you couldn't move your fingers to pull the brakes! These bone skull designed ones are from Big Bazaar!

Ear Muffs - To keep my ears warm, not let the cool winds into my ears and the best part, it saves me from the chaotic noise on the roads, or anywhere I go! I got this one from the Christmas market at Select City Walk Mall (Delhi) last year and love them because the froggy faces are so damn cute! 

Pouch Bag - You will always find this cute pizza pouch in my bag, that a friend gifted me to keep all my beauty & make-up essentials in it because she noticed how little things get lost in my big bags every time! She got it from H&M to what I remember. Below is the detailed product list to what all I have in it :

Cream & Moisturiser -  A moisturiser for my face, it has to be Jhonson & Jhonson Baby Cream because it keeps my skin soft, smooth and pampered! I also use it as a base for my daily makeup, so yeah that's one thing. Second is the BB+ Cream from PONDS. You know how much I love it, because it gives an instant uplift to my skin. Lastly, a small, handy bottle of Vaseline Coco Milk for my hands, which is a must have for me throughout the winter season to prevent my skin from getting too dry and flaky. I keep applying it 2-3 times a day, especially when I'm travelling! 

Kajal, Eyeliner & Mascara - I personally never liked to apply make-up because I always thought it would hamper my skin, but casual eye make-up is one thing I had always been in favor of. You can say from school time when I used to even get scolded by my teachers for applying kajal regularly! (Stop judging!) Well, coming back to what I now use is the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal to highlight my eyes and a MAC Pen Eyeliner to get that perfect winged liner on my eyelid. I've recently added the Lakme Eyeconic Mascara into my bag because its an instant eye up-lifter and creates magic! 

Lip Balm - Now which girl doesn't carry this in her bag? Every single person (including all men) on this earth carry a lip balm for sure, not matter if he/she carries a bag or not! Forget winters, you will find this with everybody during summers too. Ofcourse, to get rid of chapped lips. Nowadays I'm carrying this berry balm from Lakme because I love the color and its fragrance.

Lipstick - Who knows when you get an urgent call from your friends or your better half to take you on a surprise lunch or dinner. You have to be all set, right? I always have 2-3 different colored lippies in my bag to get that perfect painted pout when I pose! JK, but yeah always gotta be party ready. Currently I have a Colorbar Lip Color in brown with a gloss bottle attached to it. The other one is a natural pink shade from Oriflame and the third is a bright red from Elle 18, which I'm currently obsessed with!

Compact Powder - My skin is a extremely oily and it sweats in winters too. I keep this Lakme compact powder with me always, to damp a little of it on my face and get rid of the unwanted oil and look super fresh at anytime of the day! It comes with a mirror lid so I use it to apply lipstick and my kajal too!

Rose Water & Face Wipes - I don't carry a face wash with me knowing that it would be hard to find a washroom everytime I leave house! And that leaves me with only one option to clean up my face which is with rose water. I've been carrying a bottle of Dabur Gulabari since always, and I sprinkle a little on my face everytime I feel dull and remove all the dirt with my most trusted Oriflame face wipes. It actually helps my skin rejuvenate!

Sanitizer - Like I said, its difficult to find a washroom outside when you leave home, and of course you don't get water to wash your hands too! In winters, we even avoid cold water, so a small bottle of sanitizer helps a lot. I keep it with me to sanitize my hands after I get off from my two wheeler because you know how much dirt you carry along while driving, and always before eating at food joints!

Perfume - I've been saying this since forever now, a perfume acts as a turn-on for you to impress anybody you like to! People do not like to sit near a person who smells bad. A bottle of perfume is a must have! Currently I have 3 different fragrances (tester bottles) from Oriflame in my bag to re-apply when I think I'm feeling awful! 

Wallet - Just can't afford to forget it. As in, who would want to search money, all kinds of pay-cards and driving license in different pockets of bags?! Plus, you don't get anything for free! So, that's one thing I just don't keep away! This pink & black designer one was gifted to me by one of my school friends who exactly knows my taste in colors & bags! PS : This wallet has so many pockets and that's the best part!

Comb - Do I even need to mention it? Just like a lip balm, its a total unisex product that you will find in everybody's pockets or bags! Be it winter, or summer or monsoon, you always have a comb with you! I mostly carry this thick bristled one that I got from a local shop in Lucknow itself and a cute hair brush which is a magical one because it folds into a little toy and no one gets to know if its a two-in-one brush and mirror!

Sunglasses - Winter sun isn't that harmful, but for naked eyes, its still a killer. Needless to say, I can't forget to carry my sunnies now. These cat eyes were gifted to me by a friend which she got from Vogue Eyewear!

Sunglass Case - To keep my sunglasses safe and clean and protect it from breakage. Bought this floral print one from Store99. It looks really funky, no?

Spectacles - I always leave home with my lenses on, but keep my specs for emergency purpose! I recently got a new rimless pair for myself from one of my favorite brands Lunettes, and carry it most often!

Spectacle Case - Just like my sunglasses, I always store my specs in a case, to prevent it from any damage. Got this leopard-printed one from an optical shop in Lucknow itself.

Notebook & Diary - My life is a total mess when it comes to remembering things I need to do every day! I've been into work and studies a lot lately, and I tend to forget to keep up with most of the basic things! And for that very reason I've chosen to schedule my days and carry it along with me in my bag. I get a set of 1 big notebook a small diary for myself from every month and write every important thing that I think needs to be checked and done! I mostly use the big one for daily schedules & agendas and small one for doodling! Out of tons of different colors and designs on the Papercircus website, these creative leaves are my favorite; looks all eco-friendly and stuff. I'll suggest you to go check out the website and get your hands on some much needed stuff too!

Pen & Highlighters - Sorry I'm not a magician who can write without a pen! You just have to have a pen in your bag! Stop trusting the battery of your phones, it is not going to help you take down notes about important meetings or even in your coaching class everytime! Currently I have a cute bear pen my bag that I got from Store99. Also, I carry a few highlighter pens to tag all the important and to-do-urgent things! Got these green & pink ones as a gift from Havells.

Snacks - I'm a hungry mongrel, I just can't live without food! So whenever I'm out and there's no food joint nearby, I know I don't have to starve because unlike all my other friends I have food right in my bag. Light snacks like these Duke wafers are something I love munching, and yes, I do share, so next time you're with me you know you don't need to shy away!

Water Tumbler - I am very particular about the water I consume. Right from school days, I've had this habit of carrying my own water bottle or sipper every where I go. So yes, that's another thing you will always find with me. In the summers I carry a big bottle or sipper but winters I don't really feel thirsty so to make my bag a little lighter, I carry this small tumbler from Tupperware


So, this was all for today! I hope you liked reading about everything I carry in my winter bag. I personally think these are all the essentials one should carry in her bag throughout the season. Still in case if you think I missed out anything please let me know in the comments below!

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Photographed by : Saumya Kumar



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    1. So sweet! Thankyou for all the appreciation. :) Keep following!