Saturday 26 December 2015

Mu(n)ch better with Snackible!

Hi guys! I hope you had a cheerful Christmas, and now are you up for new year? Well, I'm totally sit in my blanket, have coffee and welcome 2016 , watching award shows on TV! Haha!

Anyway, its been really long since I published a food post. I know I keep saying this every time I post about food, since I'm so lazy. In fact, so much so that I didn't even bother to cook a recipe for you this time, but just get some ready-to-eat snacks from a super online store 'Snackible'. Let me tell you, these are some of the best healthy snacks I've had till date!

Recently, I was sent a weekly box of some yummy munchies from Snackible, so I thought of sharing it with you too, since I feel you really need to try these fine nibbles! Below are some flavors that I got in my box, check it out :

This is the packing of the weekly box that I got. Looks so eco-friendly too!

I got 5 different medium sized packs that contained 5 different flavors. 

1. Seedy Trail Mix - A delectable mix of seeds along with almonds, dates and raisins lightly coated with maple syrup. It was thus a healthy snack that contained so many different seeds including watermelon seeds, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, soya nuts, etc!

2. Roasted Mexican Chickpeas - I really liked these crunchy chickpeas that had a tangy mexican flavor, containing chickpeas (of course), tomato spice, some herbal spices, natural flavors and refind oil. I mostly eat it at night during my work sessions with some juice and it refreshes my mind. Really!

3. Maple & Honey Granola Crunchers - My favorite from the box. Sweet in taste, very healthy and yummy. It contains oats, almonds, sun flower seeds, chia seeds, vegetable oil and organic brown sugar. I mostly have it with milk and it tastes even better. Must try!

4. Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies - Appetizing dunkins these are; the most wholesome cookies I've tried in my entire life, I swear. Made of ragi and one side coated with dark chocolate, also containing butter, castor sugar and vanilla extract. Have it with milk or without, its gonna taste the best! My best friends these days while travelling alone. I keep having a sweet bite every now and then!

5. Cinnamon Waffles with Honey Twigs - Read-to-eat wholesome waffle with a honey topper, a full treat it is. Trust me! One small waffle made of wheat flour, margarine, sugar, salt, cinnamon and a few emulsifiers. Almost looks like a beauty and when topped with honey, it tastes heaven! I mostly have it in breakfast with some warm milk on the side and some times top this with some cream and fruits too.

So, these were 5 nutritious snacks I got in my Snackible weekly box this time. Its almost like a tonic I get every week and I'm planning to convert it into my monthly supply. Its a very easy method that one can very comfortably apply on the Snackible site, by choosing from their various subscription plans. Different quantities are also available for you to pick from while opting your favorites products from the snacks menu! I would suggest all of you to go ahead and order some healthful munchies and relish it yourselves at extremely affordable prices!

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