Friday 27 November 2015

Flare & Fringe in Blue for Fall

Bonjour, les filles!

With a wicked smile on my face, I understand right now, half of you haven't understood what does the above line mean! Well, I appreciate the common sense some of you used to decode the words, it means 'hello, girls' (in french). No no, I'm not learning french, was actually deciding upon a lunch date with my team of photographers and one of them had a french class to attend. She started telling me some words and I thought of throwing them at you too! Lol!

Anyways, tell me how are you? Enjoying winters? Well, I have started to do that because there's just no other way out. I pulled out my body warmers, jackets and shawls yesterday since the weather took a drastic turn and I started feel the chill. But during the day its still a little hot with the cold winds blowing, and I tend to wear short skirts so I thought of sharing one of my last looks for Fall '15 today! Its super easy to carry and extremely classy; so scroll down to read more....

skirt, shrug : | top : Old Buy (DIY) | shoes : Max Fashion
bracelets : Handmade | earrings, rings : Flipkart | sunglasses : Colaba (Mumbai) | necklace : Lucknow Mohatsav

Its not everyday when I work upon my looks vigorously. But sometimes, when I'm in mood and not feeling too lazy, I tend to try some quick DIYs to revamp my closet! Recently I'd been seeing a lot of fringe creations into tees, bags, skirts and almost every where. T-shirts caught my attention way more earlier than the other stuff, and I thought of giving my old pieces a fall cut! I read a knotted fringe top tutorial on Inakshi Harneja's blog (Voguish affair) a few days back, and I got boosted to try out it myself! So for this particular look, I cut my tee from the bottom half and knotted it up into fringes which actually came out to be good! The only catch was that it turned into a crop top since then and I felt so shy wearing it. I tried it upon jeans, leggings, palazzos, but nothing worked. 

Upon searching for new clothes online, I got my eyes on this blue short skirt on StalkBuyLove and bought it instantly, because I had envisioned to create my favorite Fall look with everything that could flare and create magic! The DIY crop tee matched perfectly with the skirt and while I twirled, I could see the fringes doing their job with glamour! Now, you know I'm a petite woman ('coz I myself have said that umpteen number of times) so I wanted to opt for something that could give me a taller silhouette and yet complete the look in an exquisite way. Upon thinking ardently, I finalised to add a long shrug over the skirt & top. The shrug section on StalkBuyLove came to my rescue and I got just the right piece for myself! A blue, cotton twill shrug that had a bold front cut and long sleeves that saved me from the blowing wind. Almost like a knee length dress from behind, or a cape blazer, it looked so magical! Its such a versatile piece that it can be worn on a casual jeans - top, a short dress, or a skirt blouse look like I did!

Creating comfy looks is my habit (as to put it straight), and going modish is what I want almost everytime I step out of my house! So opting for a pair of casual sneakers from Max store's kids section (because my feet is so small) was my favorite part of this look! And the much needed accessories that included a spike necklace that added a boho charm, a few handmade bracelets, some silver midi rings to match the earrings and my super cool blue lennons that gave the whole look a complete blue feel, which I actually realized after I teamed up all the pieces together; well 'twas all perfect! Also, I would like to mention that after a really long time time I experimented with my hair and went in for a fish braid as to keep the appearance all trendy and fad!

To end, this look will best suit you in the day! But if you're planning to carry it at night, opt for heels in place of sneakers and add a statement necklace in place of a casual one! If you liked this outfit, do let me know in the comments below and for my daily OOTDs, feel free to FOLLOW ME on instagram & twitter!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman