Tuesday 17 November 2015

Love fades, Friendship is Eternal!

We all have had cold showers of pain,
Our friends have then stood in our rain,
Deathly feeling of loneliness,
No need to feel shameless,
We've been there before,
Not wanting to feel any more.

Our hearts been broken in half,
Mind still living in the past,
Cold dark thoughts of suicide,
Why don't we do it tonight,
Don't worry it will go away,
Learn to love another day.

Put it in the back of mind,
Let it rest and you will find,
Dark clouds begin to part,
New love will mend the heart.

Thoughts of suicide disappear,
Self-esteem will reappear,
One day we'll again say,
Our friends stood by us night & day.

(All pictures are taken from Google)

Ps : I've always had ups and downs in my life, but my friends have always picked me up whenever I fell, always consoled me when I was sad, and have always wiped my tears! So, I personally believe that a bond of friendship should always be strong, because lovers might leave but friends stay forever!

If you liked reading this short piece today, do let me know in the comments below. Also, share it with someone who according to you needs motivation to get out of their depressing past! And, I'll be back with more posts very soon. Until then, sending across lots of warm hugs!



  1. and this is what i call lovely...after a rough day i needed something like this....it's beautiful...and relaxing too

  2. What a beautiful poem😊😇

  3. I loved this poem ���� u always keep posting such things that it makes me check your blog again and again❤

    1. Awww!! Thanks Angela. Your comments always make me smile :)