Sunday 1 November 2015

Glitter Makes Everyone Shine

What's up people? Hope y'all are doing good!

Okay, before I start anything today, just tell me, how often do you open your post boxes, pull out letters and smile looking at the number of greeting cards that you received rather than your business letters and grump?! 

Isn't it a relief to know that you have friends and family members who think about you & wish you on every occasion? Of course, for me its a beautiful feeling, specially if its from my siblings/cousins! But, past 6 months I have been opening my letters very carefully, and some of you already know the reason why, (in case you don't remember, read everything HERE and HERE). But again, in all the excitement, I goofed up! LOL!! Scroll down to watch how..

It sure feels captivating when you find a greeting card from your brothers and sisters in the pile of cards you just received! And especially from the ones you've not seen in a long time! You open it with a feeling of excitement mixed with a lot of low emotions. Mostly tears! But hey, did you ever imagine you could be pranked by your own loved ones in a way you could have never imagined?!

This Halloween, I became a target by someone whom I myself introduced to this glitter bomb prank, from! Never thought its going to be experimented upon me! Damn! The sudden pop of glitter heap went straight into my eyes, inside my shirt; highlighted my hair with golden specks of glitter, blocked my nose and yes, I tasted the salty sparkles too! Looking no less than a spooky Halloween pumpkin, I laughed out loud with craziness but this got me annoyed too! To be specific, my first reaction was WTF! Though I knew that after I played a prank on a lot of people this year by choosing glitter bombs from YEHG, some of my friends will be taking a sweet revenge from me too, but didn't expect it to be this soon! Sometimes, you're not just in the mood to tolerate any prank, and when its this bad to clean up from your body & corners of your room after the card burst open and messed up everything, it takes ages to wipe off all the mess!

On the contrary, its so easy to buy a glitter bomb by paying Rs.349 through a debit card, entering the recipient's name, address and the color of glitter you want to put in the bomb, add a personal note (wicked or sweet) and just press a BUY button the site that adds a wicked smile on the prankster's face. Like, 'wow'! I wish had a feature of sending me a 'Beaware' message before sending me a card on behalf of the prankster.

To end, a big thanks to my sweet cousins who got me to be a part of a fun glitter party at home, embarrassing myself in front of 10 others, looking scary as hell and still trying to remove the glitter particles from my hair, though already washed a billion times since the day!

PS : Now, there's also something really special and unique that this website offers now. It has this new category on the website with the title MAKE ONE HAPPY; where you get to choose to add one of the three options - A meal, An ice-cream or A pair of new slippers for 1 street kid at a time, while you buy a glitter bomb for your friend. The best part is that the website team is going to personally deliver the gift to the kid on your name for free, so you know it is going into the right hands.

So, stop laughing and go play a scary or a sweet prank on your friends or cousins this festive season with glitter bombs from and either make them smile or scare them out and shower some love on a little kid around by sending him some love across!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


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