Saturday 28 February 2015

The Mix Miracle - My Hair Care & Routine


Using the right shampoo range for your hair

Hey all! Hope you all are doing good.
Okay, So while most of my fellow bloggers are busy taking up the #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier and reviewing the products. I thought of sharing my hair care  & routine procedure with you all which I think will be fun for you to read, as the title already must have given you a hint about some magic in-stored.

I have always been complimented for my hair. Quite straight they fall from the roots and go down as wavy as they are, my friends really like the texture (I really don't know why). On the contrary, I have always felt helpless and insecure about my hair type because like every second girl in India, I too am a victim of this dreadful, grievous 'disease' called HAIRFALL. Yes! a disease it is (huh). Also, I'm a champion carrying oily, frizzy and unruly hair (argh - grin). To add to the dilemma, a little grey hair started to grow when I was mere 14 years of age and I hated it, well I still do.

Two years back I came across this MATRIX salon, newly opened near my place. I went there for a hair-cut and the girl there recommended me to try the professional MATRIX opti care range, which included a smoothening shampoo, conditioner, serum and a bio nutrition hair oil. And I bought the products.

I have always been experimenting with the new range of shampoo brands past 10 years now, starting with Dabur Vatika, Garnier Fructis, Dove and many more to name, but nothing really satisfied me. I still had to deal with the frizz, everyday! And I really don't believe in straightening my hair or curling them up using all those heat products (well sometimes I do - like twice or thrice in a year), so I like to keep my hair natural and easy-to-brush-and-style.

To my surprise, using the MATRIX shampoo, did bring a difference in my hair texture. It justified most of the things it claimed - adds shine, straightens hair naturally, makes hair manageable. But that's only when I oiled my hair in the night, and washed them with the shampoo and conditioner the next morning and applied a little serum while combing when the hair dried (naturally). BUT, the parabens was a turn off point, the frizz wasn't controlled at all even after 6 weeks, and as for the hairfall problem, I didn't feel any change. My hair were going....The volume decreased drastically and literally I was in a predicament.

2 years later, after using the MATRIX range, I was suggested by a friend of mine to use the TRESemme hairfall range which included a shampoo and conditioner. I thought of giving it a try too. It has now been 4 full months that i'm using the TRESemme hairfall +control range and I love the products.

But, here is a twist... I realized that the shampoo from the TRESemme hairfall +control (keratin) range and the conditioner from MATRIX are the best suited products for my hair. I'm in awe of the creators of the two most magical products for the type of hair I have, only thinking why couldn't they make it earlier (haha)? These two products have come to my rescue now, and I'm loving it. Plus, MATRIX bio nutrition oil is a must for me, though I don't like oiling my hair much but once in a week I do it, without fail. It doesn't let my scalp dry keeping it moist enough to scratch my head and get no flakes. Now, even if I don't apply the MATRIX serum after my hair dries, they still feel so smooth.

I went for a hair chop last month to the same MATRIX salon and told the girl (who recommended me to use the opti care range 2 years back) about the combination of hair care products I'm using and how much I'm in love with them due to the reduction in hairfall and the volume of my hair getting back to what I had when I was a kid (like SO MUCH HAIR ON MY HEAD). And to her surprise, TRESemme and MATRIX worked together for the first time creating magic (wink wink).
PS : I love the aroma of both the shampoo and conditioner, and after washing, I really feel so fresh because of the same. Inspite of having oily hair, I can go without washing my hair for about 3 days, all thanks to these two lovely products (TRESemme shampoo and MATRIX conditioner). Just can't get over it (haha).

Other than these products, I do not believe in using anything else for my hair. That's basically for two reasons :
1. I am really lazy to apply masks and go to spas and get my hair treated (all chemicals).
2. I am so happy with the products that I use that I don't even want to experiment with any other stuff to cause any damage to my now healthy growing hair.

Now, I wash my hair twice a week in luke-warm water using the products mentioned above, let them dry naturally (in the sun or under the fan) and they appear so soft, bouncy and healthy that I love playing with them, in fact my friends have started getting envious now, and I kinda enjoy it (hehe). Also, I love the natural curls I get after washing my hair, specially because I don't have to waste hours using rollers or curling iron to style my hair and I'm always read-to-go-out, with just a wish woosh with the hairbrush.


Using the right type of hair brush for your hair

Hairbrushes come in thousands of styles, materials (plastic, metal) and designs. Knowing what brushes to buy begins with understanding the difference in bristles & basic categories of brushes (vented, cushioned, round and classic). other than that, choosing a particular design really depends on your style of doing hair. Trying to keep track of all the different styles of brushes can drive a perfectly sane person crazy, so you only need to be familiar with my favorite categories : thick bristled plastic brush (for removing frizz), cushioned and round styling brush. To be able to style any hair that comes your way, you should for sure have these.

Cushioned Brush

This category of brushes includes the oval-shaped cushioned brush (padded head where the bristles are attached) for simply brushing out the hair and flat paddle brush with an air cushion that's used exclusively for long hair. the latter is an invaluable tool, by the way, because the cushion and bristles are designed to collapse anytime they meet resistance; hence, they prevent long hair from being stretched, split or broken.

Round Brush

Many round brushes have wooden or plastic handles with a variety of grips that ensure good traction and fit your hand. round brushes look exactly as named : They have a round, metal barrel for more defined movement. Use a round brush anytime you want the hair to have some bend or curl, but not as much as curling irons or hot rollers would provide.


1. Never comb wet hair. If necessary, comb with the thick bristled plastic comb which wont let too much of hair breaking.
2. If you have frizzy hair, avoid using round brush, as it folds hair into itself and leaves you pulling out each strand one by one (which is painful too).
3. Use the slimmest bristled plastic comb to puff up your hair from the center (over-head) to show volume.
4. Use very little serum while combing your hair, otherwise it will leave them oily and damp.

We all love our hair, long or short, we just love it! And anything we love needs care and pampering.
Choosing the right type of products for your hair can be difficult. So do not hesitate experimenting, and once you get the right stuff for your hair type, do not get over it. Stick to the perfect product and let it make you and your hair happy. 

Do tell me what do you think about this post in the comments below and if it helped you in any way, also if you need any suggestions, or suggest me with something. I am open to everything!

Note : I really want to thank Saumya Kumar from the bottom of my heart for helping me shoot for this post in such a short notice (a few hours before the shoot I called her to say, 'I NEED YOU GIRL') and she agreed instantly, brought her camera and made me so comfortable while posing that I just can't thank her enough! I love her.

I love all my readers and I just wish you all the best for/with the happy hair you have. 
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  1. Well clicked saumya..i just care about taking a decent haircut.

  2. Well written and some good information! Good clicks too :) Keep up your pretty long beautiful hair :)

  3. Photographs are fantastic Saumya

  4. Just landed to see what do u actually write... U write a lot :P n offcourse your hair looks beautiful specially in the 1st pic.

    Meanwhile your photographer friend studies in Amity... I'm a 2012 passout from there ;)

    1. Haha! Yeah I do write A LOT, but that's only what I want people to read. Well, Thank you so much for the compliment. :)

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