Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Unfold The Blue

Hi Girls! 

Since the weather is playing peek-a-boo with us, I thought of giving it a fashion smack! Blue is one of the hottest colors of the season and its been all over the place! Since I'm in love with the color too, I teamed it up with white and pink and created this trendy yet casual look for you!

Sheer top : Globus | Leggings : Forever21 | Wedges : Clarks
Earrings :  Myntra | Bracelet : Flea Market (Delhi)
Rings & Bag : Flea Market (Lucknow)
Scarf, Sunglasses & Neckpiece : Colaba (Mumbai)

It is actually crazy for me to pick up what to wear in just 5 minutes when I have to go somewhere, but these pieces were eye-catching as soon as I opened my wardrobe. The white sheer top is a synthetic fabric but really comfortable to wear even on a sunny day majorly because its not body-hugging. The best part is you can wear any color camisole under it, since the top is white, though I chose to wear white only since it went with my royal blue leg pull-ups which I just love love love, because they are stretchable and as comfortable as any joggers pant, no but literally I do wear them while going for a walk, sometimes.

If you follow me on instagram you must have seen me wearing the tan pink wedges with a lot of other dresses too, since I put comfort over fashion I love to wear these wedges because of a platform kinda heel & also because they go with most of my attires. While teaming up the whole look, I felt my top was too plain and that's when I felt the need to add some funk to it, so I put on the blue scarf (with white stars) and added some junk accessories which mostly included Silver thumb & finger rings and a Black wired one too, a blue Stone bracelet, a pink & blue Crew-Bib Collar neckpiece and blue ear studs (star shaped). Also, many of you know, I never leave home without carrying my sunglasses, and when I opened up my drawer to pick one for the day I saw the blue tint Lennons I got from Colaba on my trip to Mumbai last year which I had hardly ever worn, so I thought of wearing those with my attire this time and trust me, they looked lovely. One more thing I never forget to carry is a bag which has all my day essentials like a water bottle, some gum sticks, sanitizer, cream, phone charger and my wallet, so I picked up this pink one from my bag section (which I got only for about 200/- {bargained from 800/- to 200/-} from a flea market in my city) because it is really spacious and I love the color, which also helped me complete the whole look for the day.

PS : In the past month, I received a lot of mails and messages asking me, whether I buy all my clothes and accessories only from brand stores. So let me tell you once and for all, I am not really a strict brand lover, like other girls I too love hopping from one flea market to other in search of clothes of the latest trends & funky accessories which have good quality yet low rates as compared to shopping websites or brand stores and this post might have given you a good read about how much I shop from flea markets that too in different cities.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Do tell me what do you think of this look in the comments below and dont forget to follow me on instagram for all the latest update on my Outfit Of The Day(s).

Photographed By : Saumya Kumar



  1. I really like the combination and ur writing is very expressive

    1. Thank You Garima di :) I'm glad you liked it.

  2. I am a fan of that colour, and you look terrific!!! The glares, the neckpiece, the white top, the bag, the wedges... everything just perfect!!! Loved it :)

    1. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! :) You are too sweet :*

  3. Well,m naive in terms of fashion.But your lucid writing did induce my "grey cell" to imagine it.Blue is one color that soothes mind & eyes instantly.Your words match it.Good luck

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And for all the appreciation! :)