Thursday 19 February 2015

In The Mirror

I look into the mirror,
Combing my long, wavy hair,
I wonder at its silkiness,
Perceiving a change somewhere.

My reflection tells me,
That I look no longer the same,
My mysterious visage is now alluring,
Beauty has given simplicity a name.
My cheeks have a wild bloom,
My eyes harbor a vivid shine,
My lips part, like soft rose petals,
Make me look seductively divine.

I also sense something deeper,
There is something in my eyes,
My heartbeats quicken with ardor,
I feel my color gently rise.
I see you standing next to me,
Smiling through the mirror,
I reach out, but can't touch you,
Yet you're so close to me.

Your love flows like fire in my veins,
Your affection is the reason for my beauty,
your voice echoes like music in my body,
I realize that my own heart,
No longer belongs to me,
It now beats in your chest,
The tender stranger in the mirror.

Note : All images are taken from Google and the credit for all these beautiful paintings goes entirely to the artists.



  1. Awsome! <3
    Must say,nicely written! :*

    1. Thankyou so much Rushali. Glad you liked it.:*

  2. Hey Shubhi, nice to have come across your blog and i must say- your poems are terrific!!! Wish you the best, following you :)

    1. Thankyou so much! Your compliment means a lot. :) Love.