Saturday, 23 July 2016

Fitness Fascination with House Of Chase

Hey everyone, hope y'all are doing fine! Yes, I genuinely hope you are, because I'm down with pinching tonsils and mild fever and literally have no clue whether to hate the weather gods to do this to me, or thank them for switching the chill mode on! 

Anyways, I'm back with a new post for you, and this one is entirely different from the regular jazzy looks you've been seeing up on this blog for months. Today I've got to show you an extremely casual yet glamorous look with HOUSE OF CHASE for your orderly workouts! Below are some pictures and all details of the outfit, please scroll down to take a quick look..

tee, leggings : House Of Chase | shoes : Puma

If you know me well, you know I've never been to a gym and hate running on tracks, and my friends are super jealous because I eat too much pizza and don't really gain weight (as per them), but to be honest I DO RUN! Not every feakin' day but sometimes when I want to burn that extra fat from the heavy meal the night before, yes I do take quick rounds of my colony and sweat it out! There are days when I put efforts in my clothing for fitness sessions as well, like you’d think I’m going to prom and shit. But anyway, I’m more of a leggings and lose tee/top kinda girl, and I call that fashion too.

Like today's active wear from House Of Chase is no less chic. Its fun with that neon green t-shirt from their 'tops' collection, paired up with their spunky yoga leggings in black and neon green lining on the side, that you'll find under the 'essentials' section on the website. The fabric is amazingly soft and comfy and those stretchable leggings make it really easy to lift up my legs and try some kicks! I recently came across the fact that HOC also sells online, since I'd only heard of their two stores in Chennai before this. This designer brand has won my heart with their featured collection on the website already, suggesting some coolest fashion goals for the lazy chicks like me!

Big shout outs to House Of Chase for crafting the most amazing lifestyle collection of all times, for all body types and sizes. Ranging from sports wear, to leisure wear, clothing essentials, casual dresses/tops, etc. They have it all for you to check out and grab asap, and all worth that money in your pockets! Go, check 'em out now.

Photographed by : Mrinal Khatnani



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