Tuesday 19 July 2016

Healthy Snacking with Snackible

Is it just me, or you too have a habit of keep munching, every single time you feel bored in this crazy summer weather, and hence hungry? Its habitual of many of us that when we're working late night, we keep nibbling upon snacks and even if we're just sitting idle in the day, we reach out to our kitchens and search for substantial meals but don't always like to eat those sandwiches or noodles! Since our lifestyle is changing, and we're moving more towards healthy snacking, I've specially got this post for you.

If you're a follower on this blog since long, you must remember I posted about SNACKIBLE, last year around Christmas when they sent me their festive box containing some yummy snacks, and I reviewed it for you showing you 5 different flavors. If you missed reading it, do it now, HERE!

So, Snackible recently changed their packaging to a little more colorful wrapping and added a few new flavors to their snack collection, and sent me to try some of them. So, I being your guiding angel have got you the complete review of the new ones. I'd like you to scroll down to check it all out....

With two different types of subscription boxes, Snackible includes Weekly and Monthly Boxes for 1, 3 & 6 months that come in different prices and snack options for you to choose from! There's a premium range of healthy snacks available on their website, and you are free to choose the quantity depending upon your choice, that will be wrapped in a box and delivered to you at your doorstep with love. 

The five new flavors I tasted this time are listed as follows : 

1. Maple Honey Granola Crunchers : I like eating sweet snacks, but too much sweet kills it bad. These yummy granola crunchers contain the right amount of sweetness with oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and organic brown sugar (the word organic already makes me happy now). I mostly eat these in breakfast with milk and it even tastes better, giving me instant energy boost for the day!

2. Cream & Onion Wholewheat Thins : Cracker thins are one of my all time favorite munchies, and they help me curb my cravings for oily wafers many a times. The healthy substitution for the chips you love are these wholewheat thins that contain wholewheat (as the name suggests), flax seeds, cream & onion seasoning. These are exceptionally high in fibre, anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids! 

3. Seedy Crunchers : I'm eating these at the moment, typing this down for you, because its my current preferred snack and I keep nibbling them even in college. Its basically a mix of mild sweetness and crunchiness, containing watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds with soya nuts, almonds, dry dates and black raisins, coated in corn syrup. These are extremely high in fibre and proteins and the helps curb cholesterol. You should definitely try these!

4. Baked Pizza Sticks with a Herby Dip : Hello favorite! I just don't need to mention my love for this one, because you already know my obsession with pizza and the name makes me drool on it, every time I pick the pack up! These pizza sticks are made of refined wheat flour, salt, cheese, pizza masala and veg oil, seasoned with red chilly-garlic flavour to satisfy one's pizza cravings (which I have like every.single.minute). The best part about it is, it comes with a nutritious herby dip with literally no MSG or artificial flavors. Trust me, you're missing out on something really serious if you haven't consumed it yet! 

5. Dark Chocolate Power Bars : I wanted to keep this for the last, as I knew you would skip all the others and directly head over to the Snackible website to order these (hehe, I know you guys)! Well, these power bars are like life savers, giving you instant energy when you feel low or giddy. Extremely rich in protein, with no added sugar, additives, artificial color or flavoring, these yummy energy bars are made of oats, peanut butter, dates, honey, raisins, pumpkin seeds, reduced fat dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla). Its like a complete fuel for your body for an entire day! Go grab it now.

The trial box I received from Snackible this time, also contained a pack of flaxseed spice mix from Flax Max. Its a 100% natural mix of organic spices that can be used in various snacks/meals to make it a little more healthier and yummier! The mix simply contains of roasted flaxseeds, garlic, kashmiri chillies, tamarind, rock salt, cumin seeds and asafoetida. Buy this pack from Flax Max by clicking HERE itself and give it a try. You'll love it! 

PS : Don't forget to checkout www.snackible.com and subscribe to your weekly or monthly boxes to include healthy eating habits in your lifestyle with breakfast, lunch and dinner (or even mid-night snacking)!



  1. Heyy.. wow nyc snack packs.. my fav is the "baked pizza sticks with Herby dip" I love pizza a lot.. will definitely wanna try this out..

    Insta handle: @annurathee

  2. All d snacks sounds interesting..spcly seedy cruncher..never had such thing...but my favourite is Dark chocolate power bars as m very fond of dark chocolates. Instagram handle tanukapoor7289

  3. Heyyyy,
    Wow that a yummy healthy post.. From what I read, im sure i'll love them all, but cream & onion. Whole wheat thins will definitely be my favorite, I rarely find stuff that is wheat and yummy + this one is high on fiber = lots if advantages!! Super excited to try these healthy yummy treats!!
    Instagram : @anusha_sooraj

  4. Hi...wow a healthy snack..waiting for so long as i love to keep myself fit n healthy...even i use flax seeds in my daily routine as these contains omega 3 fatty acids which is very good for health..specially for vegetarian like me who cant even hav fish n any other non-veg..so thanx for this wonderful giveaway..for giving all of us a chance to stay fit n healthy even by eating tasty snacks..i would love to go for baked pizza sticks with herby dip as this is looking too delicious..n when i just hear word PIZZA i got crazy n want to hav that at the same time..i cant tell u how much i love pizza..n same for this baked pizza snack..i m loving this...

  5. Hello.
    Though Pizza Sticks seems an easy choice for me, I will pick SEEDY CRUNCHERS as the one flavour I would like to taste. It will be a good snack which have both health and taste.
    My insta handle: @aartika.d

  6. Baked Pizza Sticks with a Herby Dip

  7. Hi, i would want to eat the pizza sticks and the cream and onion ones! Also: thank you for such an amazing giveaway, tasty and healthy! My instagram handle is @rxahhh

  8. Baked pizza sticks with a herby dip is my fav... It's sounds too yummy that my mouth is watering.... first time I am participating in such a delicious yummy contest... can't wait... especially the way u were explaining about it made me more hungry and greedy.... instagram id anjalibarnwal10

  9. Sabhi yummy dikh rahy hain, per main seedy crunchy select karungi
    Instagram id @anitapratapsingh hai

  10. Heyaa.
    Dark chocolate power bars is my favourite one..as i am just mad with dark chocolates its quite healthy for us as well..
    My instagram id is chocola8474

  11. I would love to try the Maple Honey Granola crunchers as like you said I love eating sweet snacks, but not too much sweet. This seems just right.
    Participated in giveaway.
    My Instagram id: archugurus

  12. Wow!! Watta healthy giveaway. I'm just loving it!! I was a die hard junk eater before. I would have spent loads of money in **** (brand not mentioned) American cream and onion flavour..If I can satisfy the exact craving with an healthy option, I would def go for CREAM AND ONION WHOLE WHEAT THINS.. OMG!! mouth watering 😃👌💕💕💕

  13. Would love to try all..my instagram-doctor.mommy .. speacilaly loving the dark chocolate

  14. Wow!! Watta healthy giveaway. I'm just loving it!! I was a die hard junk eater before. I would have spent loads of money in **** (brand not mentioned) American cream and onion flavour..If I can satisfy the exact craving with an healthy option, I would def go for CREAM AND ONION WHOLE WHEAT THINS.. OMG!! mouth watering 😃👌💕💕💕

  15. This is amazing. I always find it difficult to lose weight. Now I think it will be easy what you say shubhi!!
    My must try is crunchy popy yummy.... seedy
    crunchers. It will be a best gift to my obese body shubhi. Currently trying many pills don't know how to go about it but having healthy snacks that actually I don't do because I am soo tempted to eat oily things I can't refuse. This snackible hamper will definitely cut down my craving potential and will boost my moral to loose weight.
    Have followed all your rules.
    Hate being fatty!!
    Instagram :jewantha_parul

    Best regards 💕💕🙌

  16. Heyy Shubhi �� My Favourite are the Dark Chocolate Power Bars �� My Instagram handle; @thevegmagic ☺️

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. My favorite flavor is the dark chocolate power bars as chocolates are my weakness.

    Thanks for the lovely opportunity :)

  19. I love this post a lot! Have read your previous post with Snackible last year also, and loved it too. My favorite are Maple Granola Crunches, and I would love to win it from you! :)

  20. I really really love pizza & chocolates & can do anything for them so no doubt I would like to try the dark chocolate power bars & baked pizza sticks with herbal dip😍 I am already drooling thinking about them ❤️

  21. I'm a Foodie and I love Food :D Pizza is BAE so I'm gonna stick to the Baked Pizza Sticks with Herby Dip <3 My Instagram Handle: @Karishma.Nihalani

  22. My favourite is of course Dark Chocolate Power Bars. I love chocolates & when it comes in a healthy way. It makes me the most happiest:) Thanks for an awesome giveaway. Hope I get lucky!

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