Monday 10 August 2015

Accessorizing with Pep My Persona

Hey girls! Hope you all are doing good!

I'm sure you would all agree with me if I say, "We girls love to accessorize" and I truly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. That be said, a true fashionista can differentiate between the accents that are worth spending a pretty penny on and those of-the-moment adornments that are okay to pass up. I'm sharing some pretty pieces below, that I got from an online jewelry store 'Pep My Persona' and I'm under the impression that you are going to fall in love with these at the first sight!

1. Necklaces - I love to keep my look basic with a few unexpected accents. Whether it be the hint of a new silhouette such as a peplum or cutout, or an interesting color palette such as head-to-toe neutrals or brights – I like to think that the beauty is in the details. Our favorites in the above mentioned section would be necklaces, of course. There are numerous designs, styles, and umpteen number of colors and we all love to experiment with most of them with our outfits. In today’s case – curating fashion necklaces is something you should definitely splurge on. 

  • In the pictures below, you see two types of necklaces that I'm wearing with two different outfits! First one be the gold-copper leaf layered necklace, that I find absolutely stunning. I'm wearing it on a black top because both the top and the necklace colors compliment each other perfectly. The gold-copper leaves fall on the solid black helping me make a bold statement! Plus, its light weight makes me drool over the piece and I feel like wearing it with all my attires!

  • The other piece is a classic one. The different bright colored bead chain attached to a big statement pendant was one necklace on the site I just couldn't let go off. Many of you know that orange color is my personal favorite and I got this neckpiece for the same reason. I wore it on an orange top and it popped up as a highlight like bright-on-bright. In other words, this necklace simply took away my heart!

2. Ornamental Bra Straps -  We all know that its quite annoying when we have to give up on a dress while shopping because its strapless or backless. Earlier we allowed plain or clear bra straps to show, not realizing that it looks unattractive and tacky! But, we gotta worry no more because Pep My Persona has come up with a beautiful solution for all of us. Ornamental straps for bras are the best thing to happen to women's fashion! They are simple to attach to any strapless bra or convertible ones and can be adjusted to the desired length. From Rhinestone to beaded and colored to mettalic, bra straps are available in many designs and can be worn with tank tops, tube tops, party dress, etc. Well, lets talk about my favorite picks from the store.

  • My first pick was a Rhinestone bra strap that I'm wearing with my rust color tube top. I mostly kept myself away from wearing tube tops because I didn't want to feel uncomfortable pulling them up every few minutes when I go out. But Pep My persona came to my rescue and I got hold of this fancy bra strap that helps me keep my top at place, while giving a sexy feel to the whole look. I am completely in love with this piece also because it has a big star at the back, in the centre, which makes the strap look like a fashion jewelry at once and no one really gets to know if its a strap or simply a jewelry piece! 

  • My second favorite bra strap on the website was a very elegant one. Pink ornamental roses attached to silver plated leaves. This popping color bra strap looks really stylish and literally goes with most of my strapless outfits. In the pictures below, as you may see, I'm wearing it with a lemon yellow long top. The strap is reflected as a fashion accessory and it is certainly highlighting the yellow color of the top making it appear really pretty! My motto was only to make the whole look appear beautiful which I think I ended up doing successfully! 


You can now follow Pep My Persona on instagram and facebook for more awesome accessories and jewelry pieces. They keep updating their collection as per the latest fashion trends! Also, don't forget to drop in some comments below, telling me you liked reading this post or not and if it helped you in any way. 

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh)



  1. I loved it !!!... .stunning pictures specialy the one in orange tube 😍 and yes i need to borrow some writing skills from you. . 😝

    1. Thanks babe! ;-) Well, you can, any time! :*