Saturday 1 August 2015

Glitter Makes Everyone Happy

April Fool's Day is quite known a day when we all play pranks on our friends, but the sad part I feel is that we gotta wait for that one day every year, when pranking becomes official, since many of our friends tend to feel resentful otherwise! But this time, I came across a website that helps us to play glitter pranks on anybody, round the year. Since, Friendship's Day is here, and I felt its my responsibility to make it an an unforgettable one for my friends, I planned to pull a shiny prank on one of my closest friends with the help of, which is becoming quite popular day by day for sending greeting cards stuffed with heaps of stubborn glitter on your behalf to anybody you choose to deliver it. Also, this website gives you an option to remain anonymous, so your friend really won't get to know who made them shine, of course until you tell them yourself. Isn't that so cool?

Now, there's also something really special and unique that offers now. It has this new category on the website with the title MAKE ONE HAPPY; where you get to choose to add one of the three options - A meal, An ice-cream or A pair of new slippers for 1 street kid at a time, while you buy a glitter bomb for your friend. The best part is that the website team is going to personally deliver the gift to the kid on your name for free, so you know it is going into the right hands. This new initiative makes this website different from all the others of the same kind around the world. This did touch my heart deeply and while I chose to purchase a card to play a sweet prank on my friend, I chose to make another one happy too in just 4 simple steps!

Step 1. Open the website (of course)

Step 2. Choose what you would like to get delivered to a street kid on your behalf to make him happy. 

The website offers you 3 different options : 

A Meal 

The kid will be fed a proper Indian meal from a restaurant.


An Ice-Cream

The kid will be taken to an ice cream parlour and will be fed the flavour of his choice.


 A Pair Of Slippers

The kid will be given a new pair according to his choice and size.

You just need to pay 349/- for one card and that includes the gift you choose for the street kid too.
Well, choosing to make one happy is not a compulsion, but its definitely going to give you self-satisfaction. 

PS : The card still remains for 349/- and if you want some extra glitter added to it, pay 50/- more.

Step 3. Feed in the name and address details of the recipient (the one you want to glitter bomb) and your own.
You can choose to remain anonymous, but the website needs your details, so don't forget to fill in yours too!

Step 4. Click on BUY NOW and you are done.

Being a social works student, I have deeply studied the insights and the number of kids living on streets which is way more than the ones living under the shed and I feel its the duty of each one of us to help out any one in need, in any way possible and also encourage others to do so too. This initiative taken by is surely something that needs be applauded, since it helps us help others and make them smile. Well, it might sound unbelievable how easily you can prank on your friends, sitting at home and not getting your own hands dirty; and also bring a smile on the face of a needy kid but its very much true. 

Coming onto the fun part, I got some pictures clicked of my friend whom I glitter bombed, and to be true, she really didn't know what was inside, so all the reactions are natural and real. Take a look..

Well, she surely was shocked when all the glitter popped upon her, making her shine dirtily all over but as soon as she read the message inside the greeting card which read, "MAKE ONE HAPPY", she felt satisfied and proud. In her words, "I'm proud to have been chosen by my friend to be glitter bombed, if only it brings a smile on the sweet face of any kid, around the world."

Teary-eyed? Don't be! Go, open the website and order a glitter bomb for your friend now.

Don't forget to 'MAKE ONE HAPPY', because glitter makes everyone happy!


Note : Tons of thanks to my dear friend, Shivangi Singh for letting me make her look really dirty and shiny all over, with so much of glitter for this post & I promise I'll keep glitter bombing her more often! Of course, she is good at taking crazy revenges too.

Photographed by : Rhea Ghosh (Exposure Imageries)



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