Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Life-like Indianness!!

Salwar Kameez - Designed by Sahba (a female upcoming designer in Lucknow city)

If I were to believe, believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than an Indian attire..which does not mean western apparel makes you look any less beautiful or sexy.
All I mean is the indian dresses like the salwar kameez has the purity and originality of its own and makes a girl look so so elegant that anybody from any part of the world would fall in love with her!! There is just nobody who would say, "You don't look good in an indian attire". I personally have a liking for salwar kameez, though I hardly buy or wear any... (its always once or twice in a year around the wedding season :P) still I am fond of this particular type of Indian wear, may it be in any color. For instance, the salwar suit (salwar kameez) that i'm wearing in the pictures down below is one of my favorites by a designer in my city and I totally love it. 

Love it for two major reasons : 
A. Its Pink 
B. Its just one in the world.

I love the long flowy dupatta too...its so chic that it has the four borders fully embroidered and 'booties' made all over the piece...Its a bit heavy but compliments the whole kameez (suit) and I like the sheer part of it (startled eyes)!! Woaaaahhh!! Isn't that just sooooo beautiful! There is a minimal of glitter touch in the design...but even if I wear it at a wedding or a sangeet in the night, the whole outfit will stand out with a shimmer...
I love how the designer has done the detailed embroidery starting from the quarter sleev-end to all the way down at the border (such a huge pattern), with small 'booties' in the centre filling the whole front of the kameez and so neatly done. The gold embroidery reminds me of the real gold bangles that my grandmother used to wear when I was a kid and I played with them, asking her why are there so many tiny detailed designs made on a single bangle and she said because it depicts the Indian creations, the neatness and hardwork, after all its all handmade and is the same with the embroidery on the kurta (in the picture). All the embroidery is hand-done.. so pure and elegant!

Photographed by : Guneet Singh

Hope all the girls reading this post will get inspired to wear at least one Indian outift someday, and the day you do, send your picture to me....



  1. You look beautiful !

  2. She looks adorable. She is so simple and pretty. Loved her shoot and she looks pretty in this dress. Thanks for the share.

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