Saturday 29 November 2014

Can you get me anything better? I bet, NO.

So...If you didn't know how my Pizza Love's the truth behind it!
3 years back I went to this awesome place called Food Factory in Bangalore. I saw this HUGEeeee pizza there and I was so fantasized by it that I couldn't resist having a bite and trust me, just a small bite felt as if it was a LARGE pizza from a regular pizza port. IT WAS HUGE. It was overloaded with cheese and the yummiest toppings in the world. I TASTED HEAVEN. 
I always had pizza either from Dominos or Pizza Hut, to whichever city I went (even my own city)..and I thought only they could serve me the best, but trust me Food Factory was too good in taste and size, both! LOVE.

                                                   Clicked at FOOD FACTORY, Bangalore.

Food Factory, a restaurant chain in India has created India’s largest pizza. A 6ft wide mammoth weighing in at 77kg!! 
It contains - Dough : 35 kg | Food Factory Sauce : 10 kg | Capsicum : 5 kg | Baby Corn : 6 kg | Cherry Tomatoes : 2 kg | Button Mushrooms : 3 kg | Cheese : 15kg | Fresh basil : 500g | Oregano : 500g
Pizza Size : 6 ft
Circumference : 227 inches or 19 ft
Radius : 3ft
Weight : 77 Kg
Omg! This is huge & yummilicious.
Food Factory had the unique distinction of creating Indias largest Pizza. This is the best for pizza freaks like me who can eat this big a pizza all by themselves, may they take a week…:p Have you tried it yet?


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