Saturday, 10 August 2019

Monsoon Blues - Maxi Dress Style ft. Libas

The skies might be overcast right now, but don't let those 50 shades of grey trickle into your everyday style. Monsoon is one of the most enjoyed seasons because you get to imagine the dreamy love with your dream partner. But more than that, you enjoy it because of the lush greens and springy flower blooms right after! The rainbow too needs the rains and you enjoy that as well, correct me if I'm wrong?! As for me personally, I enjoy the rains for I get to wear my favorite styles, one out of which I'm sharing with you in this post!

It's right around this time of year that we start living in dresses. But we've all been told to ditch longer hemlines and maxis. But I ask, WHY? I choose to get my maxi dress game on point, with the right pieces and the pairings. Honestly, maxi dresses are so underrated. I love that they have a little extra material, so if you don't want your legs out in the open, you can keep them covered. Plus, they're super comfortable and great for travel. When it comes to dress designs, they're pretty up there in our book too! 

One of my favorite collection is available at LIBAS these days, and I've bought tons of maxi dresses for myself. I am currently obsessed with this particular blue one with peacock color print - iridescent shades of blue, green, brown and yellow commonly found in a peacock's train. Everyone's got the blues at the moment. Currently cornflower, pastel orrice and cobalt are the shades of the moment when it comes to mixing this season's "it" colour. And then this dress is fitted right at the bust, and flairs from the waist; has just the right length and looks adorable! 

It's a light cotton fabric - super airy and doesn't harm the skin in the rains. The print & design feels as if jumped out of a French impressionist painting. I chose to pair it with a statement neckpiece in the peacock design, white fashion earrings and a statement cuff in my wrist with yellow and turquoise stones studded on it. Carried a cobalt blue bag too to keep it all coordinated. Everything on point, eh? I completed my look by adding a pair of heels in a lighter shade of blue that matched perfectly. In the end, I also tried going in for a pair of pink sneakers, just in case I've to step in water and skip wearing heels!

I really hope you're trying the maxi style this season! Go varied. Move out of your comfort zone. Try new styles and ditch the mundane! Grab your maxi dress from Libas, on MYNTRA.

Photographed by : Aryan Tripathi



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  5. You are so so so fashionable and beautiful in this lovely moonsoon blue maxi dress styley.

  6. Wow...Just love the dress. I will check out Myntra. Hope they still have this one.