Tuesday 19 February 2019

Rainbow Attraction ft. Shein

Hi guys, how's it going? Been long I've updated you about what's happening around. A lot of you noticed that I've been MIA throughout the last year and I've received so many questions regarding that! True, not even 2 posts per month sometimes. 

Well, as some of you know, and to those who still don't, that I moved to New Delhi in June 2018 and had been trying to explore a fairly new world altogether! I've never really stayed away from my family before, but for the past 8 months, it's been hell crazy. I've learned to live all by myself, work my ass out under bosses, pay my own bills, solve electricity and water problems, cook my own food and drove on roads at 2 AM that I've never travelled before! A lot of lessons have come my way where I've met with accidents, dealt with them (mostly with no help, and sometimes with the help of friends who've now become family). I've built new relationships, survived heartbreaks, and kept some tucked in while I culturally transform myself! Honestly, I've evolved as a person, and have also managed to keep in action as much as I could. 2018 has been a slow year for Picker at Pace but I think this was essential. I really needed a break from constant writing and wanted to classify my priorities! 

PS : I've moved back to Lucknow now. Well, I hope y'all have the answer to your questions, and you don't hate me anymore for not keeping you looped in! 

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR guys. It's 2019 (almost 2 months done to it already) but nevertheless I'd want to restart this blog with some super posts. Sharing below with you guys my fascination for rainbows and how I ended up buying the most colorful top in my wardrobe, also the one many of you have your eyes upon! Scroll down to read it all.. 

A lot of you have been enquiring about my obsession with rainbows. You literally saw a LIVE haul session on my instagram that consisted of more than 20 things with the rainbow print. Honestly, the 7 odd colours have been the reason for my evolvement. They bring so much positivity in me, and keep me motivated. Though rainbows not only depict bliss always, it's a mix of grey feelings as well, when I'm not so motivated and shed bucket full of tears because I'm not coping with what's coming my way. However, what the rainbows have taught me is to not give up trying, and that whatever the moments are - happy or gloomy, they shall pass!

I'm attracted to rainbows, so much so that I wear them and walk out of my house only to keep the feeling intact. I found this rainbow top on SHEIN.in and I added it to my cart without even checking the price! The design looked decent, and the off shoulder style made it appear pretty as well. I chose to club it with a pair of yellow shorts from Shein.in itself. The shorts had cute knots on the sides and were of just perfect length! A cool combo for summer outings and even for winters can be paired with boots and the overall outfit can be layered with a jacket. I mean if you're a shorts lover, you'd not want to ditch this look. It's so vibrant and attractive! To add, did you notice the charming rainbow pendant? It compliments the outfit and also the other accessories - gold bracelets and the monochrome earrings match perfectly! 

Also, these ankle boots are one of my favorites. These are an old pick from H&M and I'm so fond of them that I don't think I'll want to get rid of them for a long time now. These go so well with anything and everything, especially cute outfits and formals. Must have these kind in your collection!

You can buy the entire outfit from SHEIN.IN, and of course can thank me later! Do drop in your feedback on this post if you liked reading it. Coming your way more this month, stay tuned! Until then, lots of love to each one of you.

Photographed by : Shiv Ahuja