Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Power Dressing 1O1 (ft. Ni & Sa Bags)

Hey pretty ladies, hope all's good and you're keeping pretty. It's been a while since I've had a conversation about power dressing, and a lot of you have been asking me to put across my thoughts about the styles we could don at work! TBH, I'm not really fond of dressing for work, but there's no reason I shouldn't be doing it as well. I meet so many different people at work and I've realised the first think they notice about me (and vice versa) is how I've dressed, and it speaks a lot about my personality. So, today's post is about a formal look I created recently to show you how to rock at your next business meeting! 

My favorite quote about style is "Being stylish means standing out yet fitting in at the same time."  I think this is so appropriate for workplace attire and creating a powerful style because you always want to stand out for the right reasons at work.  This means to find a style that fits within the parameters of what’s appropriate, but this varies for each individual. Clothes tell you a lot about a person, and whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace!

shacket : Shopnineteen.com | spaghetti, pants : Pantaloons | heels : StreetStyleStore.com | bag : Ni & Sa Bags
sunglasses : Rayban | watch : Daniel Wellington | ring : Blinglane

It's true that there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to work clothing, so when creating a powerful style the goal instead is to play with how you combine these pieces to make them look different.  In the outfit above, all the pieces are pretty basic. I opted for a pair of high-ankled grey pants from Pantaloons. Now these are cotton pants with classic checkered pattern and super comfortable to wear! I paired it with a pink spaghetti and layered the top with a zebra print shacket in brown-beige. This 'shacket' is a substitute to the heavy blazers we opt to wear at work, but this is a lighter piece with satin fabric base apt for summers, and looks formal and stylish at the same time giving a stronger impression!

Along with a stylish outfit, what also is needed to invest into are the accessories you choose to play with. And bags actually play an important role in making you stand out! For my look, me being me, chose to ditch the boring leather bags and picked this cool tan bag with multi-colored tassles from Ni & Sa Bags Collection. Its really spacious to fit in everything you need for the day (files, stationery, and other regular essentials). And, the sling makes it a cross-body which is super comfy to carry too.

To finish my look, keeping the other accessories minimal, I added a classic petite sterling silver watch which looks the most formal in my watch collection; a little ring on the mini finger; and my stepped-up peep toes in beige and black to match the outfit and portray a straight posture. Trust me, heels (not too high) are one of the most important part of power dressing especially for younger girls! They make you appear classy and smart in most cases and everybody appreciates that.


So girls, the next time you're leading a team, making a presentation or just want people to know you are in charge, dress up your best and rock it! Let me know if this post helped you in some way, in the comments below. Until next, love.

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi  |  Makeup by : Divya Vishnani  |  Shot at : Rollarappa Lucknow - Episode 3



  1. Shrinkhala Porwal9 August 2017 at 00:02

    The outfit is so good and the bag u r carrying is adding to the effect

  2. Loved the bag ! This post was great!

  3. Amazing....And Ur style Was Outstanding..Best blogger for a reason and yes u deserve it 👌🏻

  4. Very well written! Definitely suggesting my friends to buy it. I'm

  5. I loved the look , sometimes formals can be extremely boring but look very classy , from top to bottom every thing is just on point ��

  6. Loved your entire look. Classy look and I really love the pants.

  7. Love the outfit! That blazer ❤❤

  8. Now this is something new and trendy.. Love the color combo and how you paired it looks chic on you.

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