Monday 24 July 2017

Curves that Flatter with LastInch

"A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body!"

Someone quoted the above correctly. But there are women who love their entire curvy body rather than just the smile, and I'm glad they do. We're progressing! True it is that curvy women are special, but that's considered because they're classified differently. Not all curvy women are the same. Maybe you're a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, you're beautiful!

For plus size women who love taking risks with fashion, there is no word more groan-inspiring than the word "flattering." There are plenty of plus size styles you may choose from. In fact, some of them have nothing to do with your shape at all. Well, a few days back one of my plus-size friends told me, she's afraid to buy clothes online due to fit concerns, and that's what makes me pen down this article today, to help all plus-size women refer to where they would find everything they need in terms of fashion clothing! I came across this site while searching some oversized dresses for myself, as I too have started feeling bloated at times and in those moments I love throwing up 2 size plus to my actual.

The trendy collection on LastInch is inspired by young enthusiasts who always want to look in-style and fashionable. From the right outfit for bed time, business wear, to a perfect date night outfit, the website has all types of plus size outfits for your every special occasion. I got myself a pretty dress that I chose to wear at a party recently accessorized with various stuff shopped from different brands. You may want to check out all details below.

dress : | heels, earcuff : Jabong | bag : Ni & Sa | bracelets : Zotiqq

If you'd told 13-year-old me that 23-year-old me would one day be sitting on a computer discussing plus size fashion as an actual, thriving industry as opposed to a teenage dream, I would have told you that 23-year-old me must've taken some pretty serious hallucinogens. Ten years ago, plus size brands certainly existed, but they didn't exist in quite the same way they do now. Thanks to the efforts of body positive activists, bloggers, models, celebs, and designers, the plus size industry has grown rapidly. And that means that today more than ever, plus-size women have options!

Scrolling through the dress section on LastInch, I stumbled upon this gorgeous looking piece in pink with lace all over that fitted curves exactly, pre-layered with an oversized see-through georgette top. Its basically for women who have a heavier upper body but love to wear body-fitting dresses and still look graceful! Since I had chosen to wear the dress to a hep party, I accessorized it with some shimmery jewelry to compliment the look! A golden dangly earcuff, silver hand cuff in one and a stack of tassle bracelets in the other hand, with my new obsession in bags - the round black one with multi-colored tassels that matched my dress and the shimmery black heels!

PS : I'd take a moment to appreciate how artistically that bag has been crafted. I got it from Ni & Sa, a brand by two magnificent ladies who want to bring an evolution into the fashion industry with faux leather bags that speak both of class and bohemian culture. If you're intrigued by their collection, you can find it
 on facebook, instagram and also on now! 

For a long time, "having options" seemed like such a huge aspect of the body positivity movement's efforts, at least to me. But, plus-size is a fashion victim no more! As newcomers jump into the space and established retailers expand their offerings with new collections and collaborations, this category is finally having a moment. You've got giving plus-size women real options in fashion — not just clothes that feel dowdy or oversized but trendy clothes that are made for them. TBH, If I had it my way, I would never call it "plus-size". Though, we use it as a term because it's something to help classify!

I hope all you women out their liked reading this post. I've given so much of substance here, and after a really long time I feel so happy to have possibly shared it with y'all. Do make a move and share this post with your friends too! #ShareToCare

Photographed by : Outlook Doodle by Supriya & Devina Rastogi | Makeup by : Divya Vishnani



  1. Perfect look as usual...
    Actually a smile can do all ...
    Loved earcufs n bag the most..
    Love reading your posts..
    U are always thr with the new things..

  2. Perfect look, looking gorgeous in pink dress.

  3. Your bag 😍
    Look you've carried this time is amazing and color pink seems perfect. Makeup as usual is superb. Bracelet and ear cuff..i love them

  4. Loveed your entire look.. N d jewellery n bag is complementing the whole look.. U r really looking soo gorgeous...

  5. Fab look..pretty as usual..😍

  6. Hi lovely❤ the glowing pink coloured dress is suiting well with the tassels sling bag and those pretty black pair of heels... I love the ear cuffs and bracelet with some sparkling crystals of different sizes and a pink tassel complimenting ur outfit and bag... This monsoon such soothing colors are a relief to wear and watch both ❤ Slaying��

  7. Hey love! So good to see you working with such brands who is putting such confidence in plus size womens by creating perfect fitting and fashionable cloths for them. Because of body shaming many plus size people don't bother to wear modern clothing and play safe(according to them!) by wearing loose clothes. Everyone should love there curves and flaunt them in style Like you're doing right here! So proud of you bub! ❤❤😘😘 keep going. Xoxo!! 😇

  8. I love this shade of pink dress❤ Also like the makeup in accordance with the attire..Simply mesmerising ����������

    instagram : shaily.srivastava

  9. The look is fabulous.
    The oversized top looked fabulous and Apt for the ones who hve heavy chest.
    Plus size women are quite underrated but i think they look Sizzling when they come to fashion and trends. NO DOUBTS on the look the way you hve styled it. Just cant feel better than this. I REALLY ADMIRE YOUR CHOICE :)
    INSTA = _shaahi :)

  10. Your dress is awesome actually the whole outfit is more than awesome,from ur shimmery
    Jewellaries are beautiful and bag is quite different one i loved it and about the dress it is unique love that tee type top of it and the best part is this is for plus size and i'm one of them

  11. July 2017 at 03:11
    For sure the dress looks elegent and lovely. You always look stunning. The stylish bag is adding onto those killer looks of yours. Every pose of yours shows a different side of yours. The black eye makeup totally goes with the attire. It gives you a bold outlook with a simple pinl dress which is quite rare. The sparkling silver earings and bracellets also looks lovely with the outfit ❤LASTLY, that little smile in some of the pictures brings the best in you.

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  16. Loved your entire look❤. You look amazing as usual. The dress, heels, makeup everything is perfect. I love the sling bag❤.

  17. Always on point. You make everything look so beautiful.♥♥