Monday 16 January 2017

Lunch Done at The Spice Factory, City Mall Lucknow

Hellooooo everyone! Imagine me addressing each one of you with lots and lots of excitement because this be the first post for the new year 2017 and I cannot calm down. So welcome back to my blog guys!!! I am so glad that you returned.

Since I've been a away from posting a restaurant review past a few weeks, I thought of introducing to you this newly re-opened THE SPICE FACTORY restaurant situated at 4th floor in SRS CITY MALL, in Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. There have been a lot of speculations and so much confusion about this restaurant since it opened in 2013 and then got shut for renovation and re-opened last year on 21st of November, with newly designed interiors! Meanwhile the TSF brand opened their second outlet in another mall in the town and this one got overshadowed by it. 

As for me, I've visited both the restaurants more than once but have always loved the one at City Mall because of its unmatched taste in food and the exemplary interiors. Hence I thought of sharing with you my recent experience to this fine-dine restaurant, The Spice Factory at City Mall in detail. Watch out more below..

Apparently, the time Spice Factory has re-opened with its newly designed interiors, it has won many hearts, because of the bright green and yellow combo chairs hitched with dark wood and white walls. The lighting in the main restaurant hall is dim but the seating arrangement makes it look graceful AF! Though I liked the private dining area more (where I exactly sat) because 1. There's a bit more lighting than the outer dining area, and 2. It feels cozy and bit more classified when you come with smaller families for exclusive gatherings or maybe a date!

Outer Dining Hall (view 1)

Outer Dining Hall (view 2)

Private Dining Area

With that, the restaurant also has a LIVE bar station where you can order your favorite cocktails and mocktails, or just any drink you'd want to try. There's a little television set on the bar wall facing towards the main dining area with some soft music playing to keep the ambience subtle and lively! Another eye-catching view is of the see through kitchen of the restaurant where you can exactly peek from the clear glass walls how your food is being prepared. So for all those who feel the need to check it up, can just stand around the buffet counter and take a look inside the kitchen, and the good news is that the chefs are going to smile at you lovingly!

Bar Station

Buffet Counter & Kitchen Area


While I visited TSF recently, the head chef at the restaurant, Mr. Gopal Bohra along with the manager, Mr. Sunit Kumar very sweetly attended me and my friend Azman, and suggested us some of their must try dishes. So, I ditched the buffet and ordered an A-La Carte including starters that sounded extremely delicious, and when arrived looked even more!

My two picks were Sunehri Dahi Kebabs and Ambica Paneer Tikkas. The kebabs were golden crisp on the outside and very soft on the inside because of the filling of hung curd that just melted in my mouth. A bit pale in taste though but quite delectable! Whereas the paneer tikkas were super tangy with the blend of pickles and other spices, marinated and roasted well with tender veggie cubes. Out of the two, I enjoyed the tikkas more!

PS : They even served us a jar filled their signature mocktail called the Santra Ka Mantra, a chilled orange drink topped with lemon and mint!

Sunehri Dahi Ke Kebabs

Ambica Paneer Tikka

Santra Ka Mantra


Even after filling my tummy with second and third helpings of the starters, I digged into the main course like a hogger. I had ordered one gravy and one dry dish and two types of breads to keep variety! The course included Methi  Malai Paneer and Sabzi Haandi with Gilaafi Naan and Chilly Cheese Naan.

The paneer dish tasted slightly sweet and seasoned creamy Mughlai dish, and the sabzi haandi was a mix of assorted vegetables including peas, corn, mushrooms, potatoes, etc. Amongst the two breads I tasted, I liked the Chilly Cheese Naan more as it was soft to break, easy to chew and filled with spiced cottage cheese.

Methi Malai Paneer

Sabzi Haandi

Breads : Gilaafi Naan, Chilly Cheese Naan


In the desserts, we opted for Beet Root Halwa being the healthy pick of the season, and to be honest I liked it so much even though I avoid eating the same at home because of over sweetened beetroot. But trust me, this was one beautiful dish I'd tasted and the crunchiness of the beetroot with the right amount of sweetness felt like a bliss in my mouth. Its a must try this winter!

Over All Rating : 

Food - 4.5/5
(Scrumptious delicacies and I already mentioned my favorites above)

Service - 4/5
(The staff is new, and takes care of the customers well but a little more polishing would make it perfect, the chefs and the manager seemed friendly) 

Ambience - 5/5
(Serene and composed ambience, Classy interiors)

The Spice Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

To end, it was a great lunch experience at The Spice Factory at City Mall, Lucknow. Highly recommended lunch and dinner scenes for family gatherings and corporate officials! ----------- If you liked this post, do share it across and spread the message that TSF at SRS City Mall is a place worth checking out!

Photographed by : Azman Khan


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