Saturday 28 October 2017

Funkyween : No Costume Halloween

"Change the game, don't let the game change you!" - Macklemore

Been saying this for years, Halloween parties are not my thing. Spooky costumes, scary music has never been of my interest, but with the urge of gaining new experiences and adapting to different ideas, I've learnt to give everything a shot! But, like always it has to be my way or no way. I get it, Halloween is all about turning the everyday on its head, being dead when you’re not, wearing your underwear in public and calling it a costume even though it's really cold. Certainly I am not doing that, though with Halloween approaching in just 2 days, I know people are working on their outfits to look crazy AF! However, I have my own way of looking glorious for a Halloween eve that I plan to attend. 

I never like to dress up extravagant and go out-of-the-box making efforts to look stylish. Each one of us has a different way to make him/herself stand out of the crowd while being comfortable in their own skin. My personal style is minimalistic and I love carrying outfits that speak more of what I am than what I might try being. For Halloween, I have created a simple yet classy look while adding some funk to it! Scroll down for complete details..

top, leggings : Pantaloons | boots : H&M | choker : ProLeather | sunglasses : Amazon

With Halloween around the corner, it's only natural to look entertainment for costume inspiration. But if you're a person like me - lazy, carefree, fundamental, you know uncultured costumes aren't for us. You are going to look stunning with what you have in your wardrobe, just like how I knew and picked out a turquoise blue side-shoulder top and paired it with black lace leggings! The lace gives elegance to the entire look while the colour of top being an unusual one, looked raw and gorgeous. I chose to add some spice to the outfit with a hot pink broad sized choker that covered my entire neck but appeared graceful and unconventional at the same time! Needless to say, it looks fancy. Also, I snugged into my black suede boots, keeping it sleek and comfortable for the eve. It's a lot of dancing so you know you gotta stay unworried. PS : The sunnies are optional but they look absolutely mesmerising!

To complete the look, my MUA gave me lose curls to add definition to my hair, making my face look sleeker, while she also added some pop glam with subtle colours while painting my face with makeup keeping it sumptuous and swanky. The bright pink lips look even cooler because of the neon coloured choker and compliment each other!

Let's get on tricking with no costume this Halloween and still treat ourselves with the pleasure we all deserve. Go out, dress fun, stay comfy, stun for run! I hope you all liked this look. For more, connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and for my daily whereabouts, add me on Snapchat (username : shubhigarg04). May you have a great Halloween! Until next, love and luck.

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi | Makeup by : Simran Taneja



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