Wednesday 8 November 2017

Formal Basics for Fall '17

Hello ladies! Hope all's going great at your end. It's getting cold here in Lucknow, but somewhat not, and I am not really appreciating the climate change because I've literally got a ton of summer dresses to flaunt, but in the evening it gets chilly and I have to ditch them. Is it the same for you? You know that one-pieces are my favorite picks mostly but wearing pants is all I'm left with! It's evident that winters are not yet here, but this is that period of time which brings in some excitement with the fall season, making you wear summer clothes put together with full lengths that look both comfortable and chic.

Well, in the middle of fall, lie two glorious weeks (more or less) where the weather literally could not be better and you're equally comfortable sipping on a warm coffee drink as you are a cold one. You're also probably going on a stroll in the park because this is the only time of the year that sounds like something nice to do too! Anyway, in this post you're going to read about my fall picks that are both summer bright and winter shady, also a few tips on what fabrics to choose. Let's scroll down and take a look..

top, pants : Pantaloons | heels : Steve Madden | bag : Stitch in Style | watch : Daniel Wellington

I have always been a casual stylist. For me comfort is of utmost importance. I dig into my wardrobe daily but pull out all basics everyday. For once when I chose to give street styles a hit, I got my hands on a black & white polka peplum top in polyster fabric with quarter sleeves and teamed it up with a pair of sky blue skinny pants in cotton that look formal but make me feel hep over those laced tan booties that are the classic fall footwear, and also match the tan sling I carried. Oh yes, this entire look is a timeless fashion trend!

Well, it's not just about colors that make fall fashion a hot topic to be discussed, but the fabric as well. It's essential to be aware of what type of fabric is going to suit your skin during this muddled season where you are not even sure of pulling out your trench coats and packing your shorts back in the trunks. It's no secret that if you choose the correct colors, it can make a trend outfit that may be used in a lot of situations. But with my recent studies fabrics that are picked with right colors are even better for the smartness people see in you! Basics like polyester, cotton and suedes work wonder for you (because of their insulating value that conserves your body heat) and you tend to walk in confidence, without shivering or feeling no sweat on the skin or getting irritated. Isn't that reasonable?

My entire look is a mix of easy feminine pieces. This look can be carried at a formal meet in office (layer it with a blazer) or at a casual lunch with your friends. Appears pretty hep and classic! Say wha'? Leave your comments in the section below if you liked it.

Photographed by : Devina Rastogi & Yash Athwani | Shot at : Free Spirit



  1. Amazing style, but I think I'm going to go with a black shirt of the same print since I'm not a fan of white. Going to go with same jeans though.

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