Friday 25 September 2015

Keeping it simply RAD

Yo! Wassup everyone?....................?? Oh! Didn't that sound cool? or RAD?

Guys, I've been pondering over who started this fashion of internet slangs that actually got feeded in our brains and started to boggle our lives on an everyday basis! I admit I too am guilty of using too many slangs but hey, have you ever wondered what do these two basic words mean? I mean everyone uses it, right? (laughing hard) So, RAD means Radical, which also means Cool. Whereas Cool means Awesome and Great, so untwining the secret RAD = Great. Hell yeah! Now you got it. So, shall we move further? Talking of the RAD/Cool look, I have something for you down below..Lets read!

tee : | jeans, ankle boots : Forever21 | watch : Fastrack

Being girls of the 21st century, we are often looked up as modern fashionistas. But, its not always that we feel feminine and feel like throwing a cute dress upon us. Sometimes a jeans and a casual tee that sounds boyish, looks really comfortable. But when we have to go out it becomes essential to add some sexy feel to it. To be true, summers call for simplicity and we don't want to add on too much stuff in the scorchy heat! So today, I created a cool, comfy and chic look by adding just 4 pieces to my body and that came out to be so RAD and dressy! 

Starting with a pair of jeans, I am very picky when it comes to choosing from a pile of slim-fit jeans. As per me, finding the perfect fitting pair can be somewhat daunting due to the fact that most of the time they are all different. Knowing the difference between the fits, finding the perfect stretch content, the correct rise height, the appropriate leg length as well as finding a nice wash is very overwhelming and a lot of people struggle with it, including me! But I was surprised how easily I came across this blue stone-wash jeans at the Forever21 store in Delhi, as lighter washes make great summer jeans as they are more casual and keep you cooler than darker ones. Being petite, wearing a skinny jeans with a high rise, and a casual tee at the waist level I wanted something that elongates my legs for a more dressier look. I would recommend you all to not go in for a too tight or skinny jeans at other stores. Forever21 collection is mind blowing and I feel every girl on earth should own a pair from the store! 

Then, I teamed up my jeans with a black tshirt that I bought online from this amazing website called and the only reason buying it online was that the site offered customized tees at moderate prices (Yes I customized this tee myself - the color and the text)! 'Keeping my looks simple' is my fashion-mantra, and if you follow me on different social media platforms, you know my 'simple' fashion stories very well. Choosing to add a pair of black stiletto heeled ankle boots with my jeans and tee was the best decision, I feel. I got these from Forever21 in Mumbai and to be very frank I'm totally in love with them even though they are a size greater to mine. I pity this brand hasn't yet come to my city! Whaaat? Well, these boots are high heeled but very comfy and add instant pep to my whole look. Keeping it RAD and matching, I wore a black sports watch from my brother's collection. Many people know I'm a watch collector and have too many in my drawers, but all girly. This one from Fastrack has become my on-the-go favorie in the recent times since its a perfect piece of the sporty, catchy and on-the-place type!

At the end, this casual look can be put up in summers as well as in winters, just add a slouchy jacket in the cold weather and you are done! I would love to know what you think and whether or not it was helpful to you. Also, I don’t mind answering any of your questions, so if you have any, just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Until then, dress-up casual, be RAD and stay cool.

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries



  1. Shubhi, this is great.
    The look is so Simple yet stunning.

  2. You look stunning as always, love this look. I myself am so illiterate when it comes to the new internet slang that i sometimes have to look for the meaning on google... well, growing up with changing times :)

    1. Hahaha! happens, with everyone! I'm still not acquainted with most of them. And, thanks!! :)

  3. Indeed you're being RAD. Very well described. :)