Thursday 4 June 2015

The continual journey of THINK TOTKA

Hi guys, hope everyone's good there!

Firstly, Tons of thanks to all of you for the overwhelming response to my first ever video message that went up on youtube a few days back as I completed one year as a blogger on this blog! (For all those, who haven't still watched my video, do so HERETo be true, it was like a huge task because I've always been so camera-shy. Well, today I'm going to be introducing you to the creators of my video, which a lot of you had been requesting, plus I myself wanted to do it so that you get to know who could bear me behind the camera, control patience and encourage me to revoke my mood swings! 

From complete mess, to pure magic, a film production company has to face everything at some point of time. But, dedication, hard work and perseverance are the keys to success, said someone 
long time back! This amazing production house by the name Think Totka has risen up in the last 10 months like a phoenix. Yes, their journey started 10 months back as the members of this formed team passed out of a prestigious film-making college in the town itself. The brainchild of a Lucknow lad, Wamiq Khan, Think Totka was co-founded by three more friends of his who shared the same enthusiasm like him. So, what happens when so many creative minds come together? Yes, magic! This company is the coming together of talented, like minded people who share a variety of skill sets that contribute to cutting edge media creations. Here work is not only work, but is fun, interactive, and a melting pot for good ideas that are forged in the fires of production to deliver quality media solutions to one's communication needs.

Meet The Team

Wamiq Khan : Founder/Creative Director/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Recordist

Collecting people and forming a team is the hardest job that one can ever think of. The person has to convince everyone that his idea is unique and productive, since not everyone is acceptable to do something like film-making. Wamiq brought together people who inspite of being skilled in their individual fields were ready to learn something new everyday. His idea was to make a strong brand with collective experience of his team members which could handle projects with all possible perspectives to ensure smooth execution of it. To be specific, you can call him the back-bone of the team, who has always visualized to achieve the greatest of all through his exquisiteness. Also, being as versatile as he is, excelling in his field of work, he guarantees flagrancy in everything that he does, giving his clients supreme output.

Abhijeet Srivastava : Co-Founder/Director/Screenwriter/Cinematographer/Editor

It had always been film-making for him, only that fascinated him. Like any other art, it is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, one wants his film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people. Since, post production didn't really enraptured Abhijeet, which he initially learnt, he went ahead making short films for quite some time and realized that film-making was certainly what he wanted to do.

Yusuf Khan : Co-Founder/Writer/Performer

It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Being asked to join in while forming Think Totka, the founder didn't really need to persuade one man who actually came out be an angel in the team, is Yusuf. Through characters, plot and setting, he creates places where previously invisible truths become visible, or to make it easier for the director to posit a series of dots that the audience can connect. The vision he carries with all his work is to reflect himself in it. With everything he writes, he leaves a part of him on it with a lookout that perhaps someday, he'll recollect all of it on papers and perish forever in a book. On the other hand, as a performer, he maintains the enthusiasm which is the result of protracted study, resoluteness and reflection. 

Ratnesh Pavan : Co-Founder/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Actor

While excelling in graphic designing, Ratnesh really wanted to try his hand into photography, cinematography and acting too. When he joined Think Totka, he knew he needed to give an innovative visual shape to everything the team does. He is available to engage with any kind of still photo shoots and cinematography which also involves the creation of original print communication, corporate identity design, logos, posters, flyers and album art. Other than this, Ratnesh has also acted in a few short films and wishes to continue do so, since its one thing that keeps him enthralled.


It is rightly said that a company is nothing without a team. Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work. Think Totka has always been a hard working group, each member of the team inspired by various film-makers, has an individual vision of his own as to what he really wants from life and where he sees himself in the coming 10 years maybe. This is what keeps each of them going! The formation of Think Totka has given each of these men a great start to their achievements. Their first ever project 'Revamp', a conceptualized short film was acknowledged by the Toronto Urban Film Festival in 2014, in the US, which gave the team a boost to produce more such stuff. Since then, Think Totka is also simultaneously promoting & online distributing a diverse of short films and documentaries which embraces culture, faith and philosophies. They have a rising YouTube channel where they have uploaded films like 'Awaken' which is a social message appealing the world to save girls' pride, a social interaction video by the title 'India says NO to HATE', another one being a commercial project for Lucknow's best coaching institute and many more (watch HERE). Other than film-making, the team has also covered Hi-profile fashion shows through photography under reputed institutes like AIFT (Lucknow) and NIFT (Raebareily), in the presence of actors like Kalki Koechlin and have been appreciated by many for their exceptional work.  

Be it a brand, a project, a product, a work of art or anything. Think Totka's dedicated and creative crew gives it with the help of the modern digital technology to promote it. They treat every project like a unique work of art which makes their clients grow. They are committed to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment for today's marketplace, with 4 experienced team members, covering live action along with in-house post production facilities, this company provides a full production resource for its clients - right from creative scripting through to broadcast. They bid the project keeping in mind one's budget limitations because their only mission is to deliver effectual and captivating world class films and their long term relation with any esteem organization that will insure the production experience is professional and enjoyable. 

Since I myself have worked with this entire team, I can very well say that they have the best collaborative approach which enables a zeal and zest throughout the project. These guys made me feel extremely comfortable and as passionate as they are for their own work, made me too for mine! It was indeed, a lot of fun while I was shooting for the video with them. Its not often that you get to work with such an easy-going team where the members are really considerate and benevolent! I was overwhelmed by seeing them committed to integrity, vision, passion and excellence in every shot they took.

(pictures taken during the video shoot for Picker at Pace)

Think Totka's journey has been really enjoyable till now. In the founder's words, "We make films. We make promos, commercials, explainers, virals, music videos, shorts, documentaries…you name it, and we do it. What makes us different is, we provide you the best professional work within your budget, whatever the platform is. We have no looking back now, since the vision always was to excel. To go beyond what everyone was doing. We always had it in mind, still do, which will make us different is to be original. We want to keep it real, we want it to be ours, whatever we create, all that we do should scream of originality, non-conformism and of Think Totka as a brand name, be it at the stock market, or the business brand of the year, we dream to achieve it all in the years to come!"

So, now if you have an idea of what you would like in a video, or you just know that you want a video made. Either ways Think Totka is up for it. They can develop an idea for you or run with what you have. Give them an opportunity and they will provide you with the best project estimate with options to enable you opt for the best basis in your creative vision for the projects. 

Find Think Totka on : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Call them at : +91 8960575884, +91 7800290615


Photographed by : (Exposure Imageries)



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  4. Congratulations on completing one year of blogging. hope the the upcoming years brings lots of success for you and you achieve your goals.