Wednesday 21 June 2017

Reviving Patriotism : Lucknowite Jatin Verma contributes Rs.11 lacs to Bharat ke Veer

A man is a patriot if his heart beats true to his country! - Charles Jefferson

We are all told in school about the freedom fighters, the soldiers, and the patriots. We are all sensitively inspired by the stories of all of them, and we pledge to do anything, or even die for our country whenever needed. But, how many of us actually find ourselves contributing to our nation and it's people, at all? Yes, we do shed tears when we hear the army men die of gun shots and bombs during wars at country borders, proudly referring to them as martyrs, showing them sympathy and saluting them for their courage for having saved us from misfortunes. But, then, that's it!

No, I do not insist you to join the army and fight for our county. Sure, you're going to ask, "what can we do apart from that?" Well, you could do just exactly what you've been doing all this while - saluting the martyrs, but a bit more for them by helping their families live a better life because they deserve it! Akshay Kumar, a well known actor from bollywood launched a web portal - BHARAT KE VEER : Indian Bravehearts, on 9th April, where we all could donate money, directly to the family of the martyrs who died fighting in order to protect us. Just like, a Lucknow based young businessman, Mr. Jatin Verma donated an amount of Rs. 11 lac to Bharat ke Veer on 18th May, 2017, which would eventually be distributed to the families who need it the most!

Bharat Ke Veer, as a website, was launched to help the armed police force and central para military forces of India. It is an initiative to pay homage to the brave hearts who laid down their lives in the line of duty, who fought for the freedom, welfare and progress of India and sacrificed their lives! Jatin Verma, in a conversation with me mentioned that he always aspired to do something for the country that actually counts. His inspiration behind the huge donation to Bharat Ke Veer was his consideration towards the military and para military forces. He wanted to give back to the society and hence contributed a handsome amount when he got to know about the portal!

Jatin, as an adventure seeker he is, and always eager to do something extra ordinary, recently experienced sky diving from 12500ft. He managed to take some shots from this colossal escapade and combine them in a video which he dedicated to para troopers of our country who do such tasks carrying arms and ammunition, not worrying about where they land, risking their lives, just to protect us. Jatin's gratitude towards the army is clearly visible in the video, and the selfless service is beyond the reach of words! Watch the video below :

Jatin Verma, talking about his donation, his love and admiration for the country and soldiers!

Shots from Jatin's skydiving escapade

Jatin says, "I'm not a hero, but our soldiers definitely are, and doing anything for them would not only make me happy but I will feel that I could give something back to them!" Well, it's clear that his only thought is to reach out to the maximum masses making them aware about Bharat Ke Veer (apparently the only website where you could directly contribute to the families of the martyrs, as you choose), and inspire people to donate! In the end, it doesn't matter what amount you donate (the website allows you to donate starting from Rs.10 to Rs.15 lacs max), but the intention you donate with, and the true feeling of patriotism!


As I end writing this proud story of a generous man from Lucknow, I humbly request all of you to please visit and contribute directly into the bank accounts of brave hearts family. Please feel free to contribute in whatever capacity you can and express gratitude to Martyr’s kin. We can never make for the loss of life of their loved ones but our one act can surely make a difference!



  1. Nothin gives u more pleasure then serving for ur country. Jatin has doke somethin extra ordinary for the heroes of our country.grt job man . We can appreciate what jatin had done n express our gratitude towards him by sharing his good deeds with all. Thnx for covering this story shubhi.

  2. I read about him on my newsfeed through some evening portal, but I never knew he was from Lucknow.
    In a country where government uses army as a discount card over issues, we have a citizen who took a massive step, not just an inspiration for citizens but also for the administration of the country.

  3. Very few citizens actually take up this responsibility of doing something for the country in whatever capacity they can. A person like Jatin has set an example for all those people who love their country and the ever sacrificing soldiers �� Kudos ✌��

  4. We need more People like this, I am Happy that Humanity is still alive ! He did such a great work :-)

  5. I really appreciate what he has done. �� This will encourage others to do the same within their capability

  6. Ohhh God, "with tears in my eyes"
    I salute mr. jatin and i truely salute the families of Our INDIAN BRAVE SOLDIERS (SOUL-DIERS)
    here i mean, they die fearlessly for the sould of our great nation INDIA.

    Well, thanks a lot shubhi for sharing this story ,
    salute to mr. akshay kumar for his phenomenal Work.

    i will definately do the same for helping the families of our protectors, and will also encourage my family members and friends to realize the same .

    May God Always Protect My Great Nation INDIA

    ।। जय हिन्द ।।

  7. Shrinkhala Porwal8 August 2017 at 09:03

    Hatts off for such great person

  8. Salute to this man who has such a big heart. Souls like him still exist.😇 I am sure he has inspired many souls like me by doing this.Thankyou for sharing this Shubhi di ❤