Friday 29 April 2016

Two States in Lemon Chillo

Hola everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the spring months with all zeal? If not, wait for more bloom! ;)

Well, you might have got some idea from the title of this post that I'll be showcasing 'two looks' today; in association with LEMON CHILLO, a women's western wear brand offering a 'dash-of-lime' freshness in its designs. So, they sent me a pretty, colorful leaf printed maxi top and I being a lover of comfortable fashion chose to display two different looks using the same top that one can wear at different occasions. Take a look at both the looks below....

Look 1 - Contemporary Plush

top : Lemon Chillo | leggings : | footwear : Steve Madden | belt : Jabong
necklace, bracelet, ring : Privi Accessories | earrings : Accessorize

The first look that I've created with this high-low maxi top from Lemon Chillo is more of an urban, sophisticated trend that has an appealing appearance of its own. I teamed up the top with a pair of tangerine, high waist leggings that matches the multi color print (also having orange as one of them) on the top. Buttoned it up till the neck and secured the mid closing with a tangerine belt to give the whole look a structure, parting it rightly at the waist, to give a sleek fall beneath!

Since I created this attire keeping in mind a party look with all the vibrancy available, I completed it by adding some chunky jewellery pieces from one of my personal favorite online fashion jewellery stores, PRIVI ACCESSORIES (that sells through instagram only). The cream & magenta statement necklace, the gold plated-clear stone bracelet and the stone ring gave the much needed shimmer to the whole look and matched the pink stone earrings that I got from Accessorize as well. Keeping it all classy and posh, I chose to add my rose-gold heels in my feet and I was all done for this one!

Look 2 - The Roma Gyppo

shirt dress : Lemon Chillo | footwear : Hill Road (Mumbai) | belt : Jabong
necklace, silver metal bracelet :
earrings, multi color bracelet, ring, anklets : Privi Accessories

Let me just break it to you that this second look I've created with the maxi top from Lemon Chillo is inspired by the Romanis of the Europe, originated from Northern India. Well, you must have already understood that by looking at my distinctive hairdo, but still I just wanted to let you know in detail. Now, coming to the semblance, I chose to wear the maxi top as a shirt dress since it looked pretty RAD to me. I knotted the flowy fabric ends of the dress to decline the drop, secured the mid rift with a belt looking like a waist band and buttoned up like a shirt completely to add some bohemian accessories that looked remarkable with all the subdued prints on the dress!

Everything artistic looks good to me and I like experimenting with my looks too, so for this one, I added a gypsy necklace with gold spikes on a turquoise block and a double silver cord from Shopnineteen, that matched the oxidised gold earrings that I got from Privi Accessories. Wore a heavy metallic bracelet on one hand, along with a multi color one on the other, and added a bronze ring in one finger only to balance the over all vibe. Also, chose to put on a pair of unconventional metallic anklets in each ankle with my flat, turquoise bellies to step out in vogue! Just to say, this look can unapologetically be worn at fashion weeks, or events that are a fashionably casual! 


I really hope you liked checking out these two looks for summer/spring. Let me know which one is your favorite, in the comments below! Also, you can now FOLLOW ME on Snapchat (username : shubhigarg04) and stay in touch with me 24x7. How cool is that, no? 

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries



  1. Love the second look, especially the way you coordinated the jewellery.