Monday 25 April 2016

Summer Party with The Souled Store

Hey fellas! Rolling in the summer heat? Way too hot man I swear, the curse!

Chillin' at home, cooking green salad for meals for the entire day is what I've been doing past three days, leaving one evening aside when I had pizza, because hey that's BAE! Anyway, its a new day and like I promised I'd be regular with my posts from now, so leaving food aside for a bit, let's talk of fad.

THE SOULED STORE, an online marketplace that offers a variety of awesome products including cool printed t-shirts, funny boxers, unconventional posters, awesome bags and a lot more quirky stuff; sent me a few products to style, and this time I chose to go out of my comfort zone because I love taking fashion risks, and always have did, since school (If my friends are reading this, they're probably recalling all the times they wanted to punch me in my face for embarrassing them while I posed along for a picture, looking shabby AF! But I hope no more :P) and unapologetically shoot the following look and share it with y'all.!

t-shirt, bag : The Souled Store | poncho : Janpath (Hazratganj, Lucknow) | boots : Mochi
ring, earrings : Privi Accessories | bracelets : Local Stall

Well, its getting hotter everyday, and when I think of classic summer wardrobe pieces, the first thing that comes to my mind is t-shirts. I mean it's just so versatile. You can layer it up, wear it with jeans, skirt, pants, leggings and even WEAR IT AS A DRESS! The comfort of a tee + a mini dress, that's what an over size t-shirt does for you when you're picking a day party outfit! This red, quirky tee from The Souled Store that had 'Grammar Nazi' written on it, came in a size that was just too long to wear with a pair of jeans. I chose to throw it upon myself impromptu like a frock and layer it up with a crochet-sequin poncho to give some shimmer, that I bought almost 12 years back with my sister from a local shop in Hazratganj. I'm sorry but I really don't know if and where you'll get something so chic now a days!

The t-shirt being long enough for me to wear it as a dress, totally worked. And to complete the look, I wore a pair of dark grey ankle boots, stacked a few monochrome bracelets in one hand to keep the swag on, a multi pearl ring on the other and wore my recent favorite dangler earrings in bronze, from an instagram store called Privi Accessories, to tone down the overall vibe; and of course tied my hair into a pony to beat the heat like a pro! Lastly, carried a red tote bag that has a half pizza made on it, wait, hello, pizzaaaaaaa!!! This bag is my favorite(est) and is so spacious and so comfortable to carry too, the best of summer bags I've ever owned. So funky, from The Souled Store!

I really hope you liked this quick summer look. If you did, do try it and drop a comment below when you do, or just mail me a picture of yours so that I can see what experiments more could we do with tee as dresses! Also, you can now FOLLOW ME on Snapchat (username : shubhigarg04) and Instagram to keep in touch with me 24x7. Yayy!! :)

Photographed by : Nahid Saman



  1. These summer party ideas are great. The outfit looks very amazing. I hosted a fun summer party last season and everyone loved it a lot. It was at my favorite event space NYC. Going to summer party this year too.