Tuesday 15 March 2016

Be a Mesher with Mesh Bag

Hello lovely people, hope everyone's doing good! 

Today, let me just ask you something that I wanted to ask since long. Why do you come back here 'every single month', to read my blogs? You know the answer, say that in your mind. You like reading what I write and like seeing pictures attached. It interests you, right? So, what if I say, you can make yourself a little happier by getting yourself a monthly dose of a bag filled with super cool goodies that will interest you even more!

MESH BAG is a monthly subscription service that aims at being a pocket friendly store delivering happiness and satisfying their customers at the minimal cost. The bag & the products inside it change every month, everything to pamper yourself, especially hand-picked by them only for an everlasting experience by you!

So, Mesh Bag asked me to pick my favorite edition from their goodie bag collection recently, to review and if you know me well, you must have understood why did I pick this Halloween Edition from their website to show you guys! Of course, because its uber cool and so spooky and so funky! Though this edition was launched back in October last year but I just couldn't resist picking it now for all that is inside it made me love it even more! And, to specifically mention, the black canvas (jhola) bag, hand painted with pumpkin and skull prints looks really attractive as well.

The bag contains some of my favorite contents, as listed below : 

1. Devil Emoji Cushion : Made of velvet and filled with poly fibre. Extremely soft to put under head. You can place it on your bed or sofa, along with other cushions to add a little funky look to your room!

2. Glowing Pumpkins Head Wear : I'm quite sure you've seen those red devil horn head bands in the market often, but to my surprise Mesh Bag had these cute pumpkin ones which I wanted since so long. These are just perfect for any thematic house party you organize with friends and look your right best as a host!

3. Layered Chain : Oh yes! Mesh Bag sends across some fashion accessories too in your Halloween edition bag. This layered chain is in rage these days. Polished with gold, you can wear it casually or complete a regular office look, its really versatile! 

4. Midi Rings : A set of midi rings comes in the bag too, for you to stack them up in your fingers, for any occasion. These rings oomph up your casual/party looks instantly! 

5. Bucket filled with candies : What's a Halloween without some candies?! This was like a must that you had to find as one of the goodies in this bag edition, eh? And it contains - color changing gum (too spooky), some extremely sour candies (so much fun), marshmallows (really yum), and a lollipop (I can die for it)!

6. Maybelline Colossal Mascara : Something related to beauty, yes! To define your eyes like never before, Maybelline launched its new volume express mascara last year and Mesh Bag added it to their Halloween edition for you to not worry about not being able to get it. I had been running away from makeup since always but mascara is definitely one thing you'll always find in my bag now.

7. Snapback Cap : A new era, sun cap always comes in use, no matter its winters or summers or whichever season of the year! I love wearing caps mostly with a casual outfit. It gives me a rock chic feel and more importantly, saves me face from the direct sun (like yeah, that's why we all call it a snapback sun cap, eh?).

You get a big canvas bag, seven different fun goodies at a price of 1500/-! What? That's it! Damn, this should've started when I was in school. I could have collected so many since then. AH! Well, better late than never, let's go today, subscribe to the monthly service of Mesh Bag and experience unlimited happiness!

tee : Cult Fiction | jeans : Mango | shoes : SheSense | bag : Mesh Bag

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Photographed by : Nahid Saman