Thursday 25 February 2016

Home Dreams with Air Castle

I've often heard my parents tell me, "Your room should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." And, to abide by this, I've always tried to maintain serenity and an exquisite appearance into my territory. Having said that, just keeping your room tidy isn't enough, it should reflect your style and liking at the same time! I've always believed that cushions are a fantastic home accessory that will quickly transform a room and update a sofa or bed. Whether you want to add lots or just a few cushions – you can change the look of a room quickly and easily. You can adapt the decor of any living space to fit a current trend & season by purchasing a few cushions and then you can update the look as often as you want.

I recently came across a super designer brand called AIR CASTLE that manufactures some luxury cushion covers, and to my luck, they had some of my favorite designs to pick from! I got my hands on a set of 5, which can been seen in the pictures below. Don't wait to scroll down...

Air Castle, started by a Lucknow girl - Somya Gupta, having completed her designer course from Delhi, is a brand that has its warehouse in Delhi itself, and it not only sells cushions but also ethnic garments that has been loved by ladies all over the country. But of course, coming back to the essence of this post, cushion covers are the main attraction for all. Having seen the pictures above, I'm quite sure you might have by now loved each bit of the designs. Well, these are exquisitely done by the owner and her team of perfectionists, that are just unable to resist.

For me, cushions are more than just a home decor accessory. I hold pillows and cushions while sleeping alone, it makes me feel comfortable and mingled! And talking of the designs of these ones, they just motivate me every day to spread lots of love around and stay happy myself too! I bought 4 nature inspired, subtle spring colored cushions and a vibrantly traditional HOME quote pillow to keep around myself. I placed them in a row on my bed, and sometimes scatter them on the couches as well while lying down to watch TV. They're soft and extremely comfortable, leaving no traces of hard head behind, and also travel friendly. To be honest, I carry it during town travels and on planes, it helps me sleep soundly and I mostly experience beautiful dreams now! 

And, for many of you can't decide over what to gift your friends or homies on some special occasion, AIR CASTLE has some exemplary cushion designs for you to choose from, and all at affordable prices! Trust me, if you're gifting any of it to your moms, be ready to witness some great and greater smiles on her face! Go check out the website to see their vast collection and pick your favorites asap. I'm sure you'll all love it!


This blue track/night suit is from my favorite(est) brand - and its so comfy with the perfect blend of fabric, suitable for summer months and winter both that I wear this at night, in the morning while running, in the day at home, and in the evening again - basically all day (and if my friends don't feel embarrassed, I can always go out in public wearing the same), I love it so much! Check out more colors that are available on the website.

Photographed by : Nahid Saman



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