Saturday 10 October 2015

Sell, Buy, or Borrow with Closet Buddies

Hola everyone! 

Firstly, I would like to wish all of you very Happy Navratri and Durga Puja. Hope all of you are having a great time! So, I was wondering how fabulously all of you must be preparing for all these festivals, specially your clothes, comfortably said as Outfit Of The Day for each of the 9 days?! All your Indian wears must be out, no? Damn! I wish I could see all of your attires!!............Oh hey! What if I say you could show your OOTDs to me and to all other friends around India at once, with the help of a phone app, and also lend it to a friend in any corner of the nation if he/she likes it! Sounds bizarre? No more will it be! Scroll down to read more..

So, recently I came across this new application by the name CLOSET BUDDIES, in the world of 1000 others; started by Juhi Bansal - an ex banker turned blogger turned entrepreneur. While her blog 'Closet Buddies' turned out to be one of the most popular fashion blogs in Gujarat, she came up with this extra ordinary idea of creating an application with the same name to build a community of women giving them an opportunity to choose their outfits from 100s of other closets rather than limiting themselves to their own everyday!

Like yes, who would have imagined you could sell off your designer clothes through an app across the nation to your buddies, or rent it to them or just buy or borrow somebody else's outfit if you like it! Its such an easy-to-go app, works on your mobiles/tabs and takes you to a whole different level of making money by selling or renting your attires and also keeps you updated about the latest fashion in stock! Woo! What else does one want from life? There are just few simple steps that you have to follow & you could be the next buddy in my list & we could together build a network! What say?

1. Download the app HERE (currently available on Android only).
2. Sign in by connecting through Facebook or enter your Email & Password to sync.
3. Make your profile by entering some mandatory details such as name, age, city, etc. 
4. Start following buddies and create a network as to where you would like to sell/lend/buy/borrow your stuff!

The application is available on Android only as of now but its coming soon on IOS too! Well, a good news for IOS users for now is, you can check out the Closet Buddies website feed on your desktop and can write about any outfit you like/need to the app head on!

Now, to sell your clothing. Click on the OOTD button on your profile page and upload a picture of your attire. Add some necessary tags like the category (Indian Or Western wear), brand name, color, etc. Add the amount you want it to sell it for, add a catchy caption to the picture and publish it on your wall! It will automatically be shown in the news-feed on the app to all the other members! Once a member clicks on your picture to buy, and finalises the order, you are going to start making money. 

I have added a lot of clothes in the 'selling' category and you can always follow me on the app by searching for Shubhi Garg in the search box, and take a look at my closet! All my attires are exclusive and are available to one and all! 

You can also BUY or BORROW anything you like from some hand picked brands, made available by other members on the app by clicking on 'Closet Ideas' section on the app! Options like 'what's trending', 'your buddies', 'latest collection', etc. will pop up for you to choose from! You can add your likes in your wishlist and buy them whenever you want! Doesn't that sound awesome? 

Digitize your closets, share them with buddies, make some money and shop for new stuff, all at the click of a button! Now that's a vicious circle I would hate to get out of! Now, what are you waiting for? Get set and download the app right away, pick your latest fashion styles and stay gorgeous always! 

For any enquiry, you can mail me at, or drop a message on any of my social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Until next time, sending across lots of love!


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