Wednesday 10 June 2015

Lucknow Mango Festival

Know Your Mangoes (by LMF)

As the king of all tropical fruit - 'mango' makes our hot summers delicious and as we all know, there just can't be a summer without mangoes and there can't be a better way to celebrate the mango fever than the Mango Festival. The Mango Festival celebrates the scrumptious fruit and everything about it. So, we present to you, The 3rd Lucknow Mango Festival, Farmer's Market and Gourmet Mango Experience on Sunday 14th June, 2015 in collaboration with CISH (Central Institure of Subtropical Horticulture, a Division of ICAR), Mandi Parishad UP, UP Horticulture, UP Tourism and NABARD for a unique Agribusiness Ecotourism Mango event. The Lucknow Mango Festival is a tribute to the popularity and the passion which almost everyone shares for these delicious fruits. No doubt referred as the 'king of all fruits', the mangoes are a treat to all and the mango festival, one of the most delicious of all Lucknow festivals is the perfect time to celebrate this fruit. Like the last years, this year too, the Mango Festival is going to take place at the at 'Saidanpur Mango Orchards' (on 14th June) & also in Lucknow, where the venue is 'UP Paryatan Bahwan, opposite Fun Mall, Gomti Nagar' (on 21st & 22nd June, 2015), organised by the Habibullahs. Also, 21st June being a Sunday, we have organized a special festive day for you having a food fest and cultural events like 'Aam Ki kahaani (for the first time) and 'Shayari on Aam'.

Mango production was never ‘king-size’ in the Saidanpur village of Barabanki due to water scarcity. But in 1965, a young woman of a royal family set out for the fields on a ‘palki’ and started turning around the fortunes of the Habibullah orchards. The begum sahiba advised farmers how to increase cultivation. Consequently, adequate water supply was arranged and words of motivation from the learned lady instilled confidence among farmers who got down to work with all enthusiasm. The orchard began to flourish and yields multiplied year after year. Profits too rose from mere thousands to lakhs within a couple of years.That was Begum Hamida Habibullah whose intellect and enthusiasm changed the face of the mango orchards in Saidanpur. Several varieties of mango, including Maliahabadi, Dussehri, Chausa, Langda and Safeda, were planted by the Begum herself, in conformation with the guidelines of the agriculture university. The saplings sown then have now grown into big trees that are producing quality mangoes. At the Lucknow Mango Festival to be organised in Saidanpur village on 14th June, 2015, you can have an insight into the contributions of Begum Habibullah and several other women farmers who have been nurturing the mango trees with all love and care.

We invite you to relive old memories or create new ones, savour a fabulous selection of Lucknow's finest mangoes with locally grown Beeji Mangoes like Gola, Khushboo Gola, Surkha, Lalbebaha, Ali Gauhar, Sindhuria, Tarifi, Tamancha and more. Buy boxes of Mangoes direct from the farmers to take home or to gift to family and friends, taste the freshness of the fruit in the orchard it was grown and tantalise your tastebuds with Mango delicacies like Mango Pakori, Biryani with Aam ki chatni, Mango Salsa, Rollarappa rolls with a Mango twist, Mango Ice cream and many more. There is a showcase of almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes at this Mango Festival. There are different varieties of mangoes that are brought by different mango growers to be a part of this delicious festival. The visitors here also get the opportunity to taste mangoes for free and savor the delicious experience for the rest of the year. There are the traditional favorite mangoes as well as the new hybrid discoveries of the fruit. There is a wide array of different flavors of this juicy fruit to taste, in different preparations. The mango extravaganza involves not only a delicious feast of this luscious fruit, but also cultural programmes and events such as mango eating competitions and children's shows. The king of fruits has had the fancy of the Lucknowites since quite sometime. So, we have developed some mouth-watering, authentic and unique Indian recipes for mango lovers. With the temperature soaring high everyday, the foodies will get a chance to cool off with either the traditional Aam-Pudina Raas & Mango Smoothie. Some highlights of the 'Aam' menu are dishes like Daal Aur Aam Ke Kebab, Mango Brusceta, Aam ki Biryani, Ambia Murg Tikka, etc. To satiate the sweet tooth, there is also a Mango Phirni and Shakramba.

The festival will include growers of the non-market "Custodian farmers" who are still conserving rare local mango varieties which adorn the plates of the mango connoisseurs in different regions who relish their health benefits, uniqueness and diversified uses. The aim is to promote Uttar Pradesh's most famous product, Mango and to make the mango season a tourist (domestic & international) attraction as well as promote agribusiness and cottage industries around mango by products, attracting tourists and investors. The publicity generated will make people aware of the investment and business oppurtunities that this can offer. Leading to more mango based industries in the future and also to ensure the sustainablitiy of our local agriculture, resources and the economy. We also aim to develop Lucknow as the premier national and international culinary tourism destination and to increase recognition of the same through research, consumer education and product development. Buyers from all over the globe are welcome to take part in this mango festival where there is vigorous trading of the fruit too. We are also giving corporates the opportunity to be part of the festival with a dedicated corporate area for their teams to enjoy the Mango Festival. In collaboration with Taj Hotels we offer an exotic Mango Menu at a secluded area of the orchard with rain dance and other activities for preferred customers or team members. You can also purchase a mango plant to grow in your own backyard.

These real big mangoes surprised many visitors

A cultural dance performance by a young artist at the 2nd Mango Festival

Qawwalli programme at the 2nd Mango Festival 

The first & second edition (in 2013 & 2014) of the Lucknow Mango Festival organised by the Habibullahs saw Lucknowites beating the heat to enjoy a mango-licious day! The days was nothing but 'aam'. Farmers experienced direct sales to consumers more than doubling their sale price. It was 1005 profit to farmers as we did not charge them for participating. Organised at a mango orchard, there were rare varieties of mangoes on display like Chilta Khas, African Apple and Husn Aara, a mango-special buffet for guests to gorge and a host of entertainment options to keep everyone busy. Qawwals from Deva Sharif enthralled the guests with their soulful music, while kids indluged in pottery-making, magic show and a mango-eating contest. Elders also had their share of fun, many were spotted taking a ride through the orchard on a rustic bullock cart. 

Different varieties of mangoes that vowed the visitors

Different mango products available at the festival

The Lucknow Mango Festival is an attempt to grow more mango based industries in the future and also the growth in local orchards and the economy. So, now if you want to buy naturally ripened mangoes direct from farmers and help support our agricultural economy make your way to this part of town any time, you are in for a mango treat with a great variety of mangoes on offer from across other states as well as rare local varieties. 

Road Map to the Saidanpur orchards.

You can also watch the LIVE video map to the orchard HERE.

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