Friday 19 June 2015

Glitter Makes Everything Better

I guess when I was a kid, I wasn't the type of person playing a lot of pranks. Rather, I was the type upon whom pranks were pulled. And I don't think my friends have grown up or anything's changed yet! Well, did you ever think you could just get pranked on your birthday with a greeting card? Did you ever think before opening a greeting card, on any day for that matter? Well, you are surely going to do so about a ten times now! And, this post is going to tell you WHY!! 

Sounds about right. How many times have you received some sparkly greeting card in the mail, only to find yourself cleaning specks of glitter off of your clothing and the forgotten corners of your apartment for weeks on end? The worst. Herpes of the craft world is right. Just look at the pictures above, don't you think I look like a Christmas tree, all shiny shiny? Yeah, I just got glitter bombedTrust me, the shiny stuff ends up all over your hands, your face, and your home, and it's all but impossible to clean up. I'm not even sure one should be amused or angry on the sender, since the card carries this wonderful note, saying, "You just got glitter bombed. Since its your birthday, I thought of making you shine. Hope you enjoyed!" Well, thanks for making me shine on my birthday!

Your Enemies Hate Glitter is the only website you can refer back to, when there is this anonymous sender sending you heaps of glitter (in India). Owned by brother sister duo - Divya and Maheep Singh Sankhla, this website was launched two months back. Their only idea was to give you a chance to annoy someone you dislike or play a sweet prank on your friends by sending them a greeting card filled with as much glitter that could be as terrible a gift, without really getting your own hands dirty. This service helps you send the recipient shiny, sticky and even stubborn glitter in an envelope that isn’t easy to wash off. What’s more? You (sender) can choose to be anonymous.

The website is pretty self-explanatory. It promises to send a glitter-laced letter to anyone, anywhere in India.You deposit Rs.349 on the site, enter the recipient's address, sit back and wait. In a few days time your enemy will find a nondescript but non-threatening envelope in the mail which they won't realize is stuffed to the brim with glitter until it's too late. Once they pull out the letter inside the glitter bomb will be released, and you'll be left feeling a smug sense of satisfaction for anonymously striking back at your foes or have played a prank on friends for fun. They will also include a note telling the person exactly why they're receiving this terrible gift (only if the sender wishes to send the note). The glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage. And really, isn't this the real reason the internet was invented? No wonder, this wicked business idea has got a really huge response in just two months. 

As you may see (in the pictures above), I'm kinda happy to have all that glitter on my face (well it actually made my day, an unforgettable day), I'm sure many others too will take it in the positive way! So, now if you too want to prick on your enemies or play a little cool prank on your friends (on their birthday), you should go ahead and checkout this amazing glitter bomb service site, and become a gang star by making others shine and smile!! ;-) 

PS : I only posed with the birthday cap for this post, my birthday actually is in September so don't worry, you're not late in dropping in your wishes! :P

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh) 


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