Thursday 25 June 2015

Exclusivity at Pep My Persona

Although, clothing can be found in virtually every style in our modern society, putting together a unique look can still be difficult. Fine jewelry is great for special occasions and daily wear, but Fashion Jewelry steps in when it is time to take your outfit up a notch.

These days, e-retail stores (or in simple words, online shopping) is having a good share way too much more than local shops. Just like most of you, I too have subscribed to so many e-retail stores on facebook and instagram. And its really nice to see so many trends being updated everyday in various stores. A few days back I landed on this amazing jewelry site called 'Pep My Persona' and I was delighted to see some real exclusive pieces. For me, exclusivity is really important and this store just had some right jewelry and accessories for me. 

earrings, arm cuff, multi-finger ring : Pep My Persona
dress : Ria Dutta (one of my favorite designer)

Earrings are the butterflies of the jewelry kingdom, they can enhance and make an outfit look superb. I believe it is the easiest piece you can wear that can add an oomph to your whole look instantly. I chose these pearl drop earrings from 'Pep My Persona' because these are incredibly charming and include a fun shape and look so elegant at the same time, the pointed part falling exactly at my shoulder, looking all edgy and sexy!

Since my outfit was a cut-sleeve, I thought of adding an arm-cuff. I chose this flower shape, which was simply a breath taker! It is made of brass and is adjustable. It is fun, simple and easy to wear and can compliment any look with its gold coloration. The best part is that you can wear it for a balanced life full of energy and enlightenment. It definitely leaves you indifferent!

When it comes to finger rings, I actually feel a little obsessed with them and keep shopping at different stores. When I landed on 'Pep My Persona', I found a lot of exclusive multi-finger rings and my heart went 'Gosh! They are so beautiful'. More because I had never seen such pieces on any other store. I chose to get the one (I'm wearing in the pictures above) because that looked super classy. Starting from the big stone that fitted on my first finger, the second 3-line stone thing covering up my knuckles and then a twisted set of two more stones. This piece makes my hand looks a little extra special and is now one of my personal favorites.

earrings, palm cuff, finger ring, ear cuff : Pep My Persona 

My love for earrings says, 'picking a favorite pair is like picking from a box of chocolates.' You have just too many choices! Its never sad to buy more earrings, and this time I got my hands on these really pretty studs. The most fun part about this pair is that one of them is a long hanging thing to a flower and the other one is just the flower shape stud. Now that is quite unique! Since, earrings are those pieces in your jewelry collection which you can wear with any outfit, and match almost any occasion under the sun! Let’s not forget in the end, it is very personal too. So pick the earrings that represents who you are and how you feel. Hair up or down? That's up to you!

I think it was Jessica Parker who first came to my mind when I asked myself, 'Who wore a palm-cuff before?' while scrolling down on my laptop screen on the 'Pep My Persona' online store. Since its one of the most fashionable statement pieces now a days, I always wanted something like this in my collection too. The one I'm wearing is so gorgeous! Such a creative way to adorn these now for all ignored blank palms. It looks super on trend and you can make them into a bit of conversation piece! They are surprisingly comfortable to wear, and you can easily go a full day with one of these on your hand. Like most other jewelry trends, this style can be worn in many ways. You can layer up the bling, or if you really want to make it a statement go for a twisted entwined brooch like stoned encrusted piece for an event. 

As I mentioned above (in the previous look), my obsession for finger rings has literally no end. And with so many different styles and designs coming up, its always increasing! The twisted finger ring I'm wearing in the pictures above has a removable charm that converts into both a ring and a pendant, making the piece versatile. The plated leaves and the stone makes it looks more cute and alluring. Well, I love it more also for a reason that I now do not need to stack up several midi rings in one finger and wait till each one falls and I search for them in embarrassment. This piece has reduced my job to 'add just one ring and you are done'. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this new accessory too and don’t anticipate getting bored of it soon!

I love the fun, direction jewelers have taken with earring designs, specially the ear cuffs – perfect for when you want to give a little whimsy to any look. This glamorous piece (I'm wearing in the pictures above) grabbed my attention instantly on the 'Pep My Persona' website. The mermaid design looked super divine! Its so evident that earcuffs are the number one jewellery trend right now, with all the hollywood and bollywood actresses stacking up the pieces everytime. It has become the most lovable and coveted trend of 2015 with its unconventional and unique style. The best thing about this chic and stylish piece is that it is not only fashionable, but also versatile enough to be worn with ethnic as well as western outfits.


Now, If you are a fashionista who likes to step out in style everyday or someone who wants to update your look, the gorgeous fashion jewelry at 'Pep My Persona' is not only stylish and chic, but affordable too. There is no reason why you should have to spend too much money in order to look great. You should just do some guilt-free shopping on the 'Pep My Persona' website and I'm sure you will fall in love with so many of their jewelry pieces. *A good news for all 'Pep My Persona' lovers, you can now follow the store on facebook & instagram and place your orders there too.



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