Friday 19 September 2014

Orange is the happiest color!

Hey girls! Hope you all are good!

Since its the monsoon season..which is going to last for about fifteen more days I guess, I thought of creating a quick & casual look for you girls which will be really comfortable for you to carry in this humid weather!

Top : shopnineteen | Jeans : ZARA | Shoes : prettyballerinas
Bag : LeDiva fauxL | BeingHuman band | Watch : Fastrack 
I always had this feeling of oomph when I saw people wearing the bright orange color in summers. I always felt a little wierd about my dusky complexion having to carry the same color. I had this misconception that orange looks good on whitish people more often. Well, I bought this top recently from shopnineteen (an online shopping store) as to give it a try….and here it is…I don't look bad, right? In fact, I feel it has enhanced my complexion in many ways. I always loved the color and I believe being colorful is the most fantastic part one can ever play! As every color denotes something, orange denotes ENERGY & HAPPINESS. Since its a sheer top, I had to wear a spaghetti inside. I wore a black one but you can wear orange or white too.
I recently got these pair of stone wash jeans which I really love because of the fit. I am really particular about the correct fitting of my jeans or trousers because I don't want to keep pulling it up (while its slipping down from my waist) every time I wear it, only to get embarrassed! You can see I have rolled up my jeans, which I avoid doing mostly but there's nothing worse than stepping out in the rain and getting yourself soaked for the rest of the day. Plus, it is giving the whole look an edge so I'm kinda okay!

My love for the bag I’m carrying is not hidden. I got it from a store in Delhi. If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen me posing with this bag almost everywhere! Its a multi-purpose bag & multi-occasional too! I can carry it with a short skater dress to a brunch party, with a pair of ripped shorts & a shirt to a friend's place, with a printed shirt & a pair of plain trousers to my college, with a rock chic dress to a party at the club, or even with a long skirt & a tank top to a casual date. Also I love carrying it because its really spacious & easy to close with those little magnet buttons that shut up automatically! The sling makes the bag look casual yet funky. It can be added to any attire in two ways - 1. cross-body 2. one sided shoulder bag. 

Many of you know, I have recently started wearing this orange BeingHuman band inspired by one of my cousin brothers. I wear it everyday with every attire, so here you're seeing that too. Also, I chose to add this fun looking blue watch which has a falling dial attached to the leather band and it looks really cute. For my footwear, I chose these summer pink ballerina slippers which I bought from (another online shopping store). These are super comfortable, easy to slip-in and complimented the orange top. Plus, they have rubber soles so I was tension-free about not getting my feet wet.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, the same way you're enjoying the season! Don't forget to comment below telling me what do you think about this look of mine and follow me on instagram for more OOTD style-ups!                                     


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