Saturday 19 July 2014

Go Green This Summer

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GO GREEN : Green is this year’s hottest hue according to Pantone so go wild. If you’re not a fan of it (or color in general), try incorporating it into your outfits in small doses with a green purse or some green accessories like a scarf or bracelet. Green is my personal favorite of the season..guys, go wild and go green this summer..

1. Zara top | Aiva leggings | Factoryrush heels | Vogue sling bag | Blurbook earrings
 2. Zara top | Mango jeans | LeDiva bag

Since I'm in love with green, and it is the color of the season & its fresh, soothing and gives you a pump to start your day. I wore this neon green top stepped up with a blue skin-fit jeans & a jazzy red-black sling bag, 2 days back for a sunny day-out with my friends…a casual meet though..and it was not at all surprising to see everyone appreciating my color pick. :) Also, teamed up the same top with my black leg pull-ups and the vogue monochrome bag and to complete the look I added my monochrome heels.

Guys, green can be in any tone..all that matters is IT IS GREEN. Pep up yourselves in some funky tones of the color and flash it around!


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