Monday 19 January 2015

Give me a name, Please!

vagabond | wanderer | tramp | rover | vagarant | epic | unique
old woman | katha stitch dress | from nowhere

Hi guys, I saw this old lady walking in my city (Lucknow) yesterday!! I don’t exactly know what to call her! But she had this unique dressing style, she wore a katha stitch cape/robe kinda thing, carried this huge axe on her back & smoked 'bidi' and it literally attracted me & I couldn’t resist clicking her! I went ahead asking her name, she stared at me for a while and didn't even mumble a word. I repeated, "aapka naam kya hai aunty?" and she kept on staring at me and finished smoking her 'bidi'. I don't know if she was acting stubborn or was surprised/shocked to have me asking her name, maybe no one else did that to her in the past? I thought the same, greeted "namaste" to her and walked off.

Isn't it strange, we have so many types of people living around us but we don't even have a clue about their culture or origin, basically it is a risk of abuse or neglect or in one word I should say 'vulnerable'! Have we become self-centred or too busy too learn new stuff? 

PS : If you get the right word for the lady (in the picture), do let me know! 



  1. I love all the pictures. They seem as if they want to call out to someone........... Good work Shubhi.

  2. The truth is that people are so busy in their life that they not even care to look at such person forget asking is shameful for the society yet it is the truth!

    1. I know, right? Jazz, but that's the thing I'm asking people about. Why is it so??

  3. Aaj kl kha kisi k pas tym h sab apne m mast yha log khud ki family k liye tym ni nikalte.....sab bina kam k hi pta ni kaise busy hai